Monday Morning Links

This morning’s news in tech, memoirs, hostages, meetings, and politics.

1. Google spreads free holiday WiFi beyond Virgin to AirTran and Delta this year (Tech Crunch)
2. On Portia de Rossi’s memoir of her eating disorder/binging struggles (DoubleX/Slate)
3. Former employee takes hostages at BMW’s French headquarters (RFI)
4. Bill Gates meets with Joe Biden at the White House (Politico)
5. Write-in candidate Murkowski leads big in Alaska (CBS News)
6. Former UW student Amanda Knox indicted on slander charges in Italy (Oregon Live)
7. George W. Bush’s 15 most memorable pop culture moments (The Atlantic)
8. Gibbs stands up for U.S. press corps in India (Daily Caller)
9. ‘Lady Gaga stole my boyfriend’: actress (New York Post)
10. One word: Preparation. How Harry Reid beat Sharron Angle (Las Vegas Sun)

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