Julia Child’s Kitchen, repulsive food following

“Julia Child” and “repulsive food” don’t belong in the same sentence, but in this picky eater’s world, where pretty much 70 percent of food is considered disgusting and gag-worthy, these words can, in fact, go together.

Yesterday, my roommate, her college friends, and I ventured to the Smithsonian museum to visit the Julia Child exhibit. Lots of fun. Even though I am pretty much the pickiest eater out of anyone I know and eat like a five-year-old, I’m a huge Julia Child fan, and I appreciate the work that goes into a good meal.

Here are some excellent photos from the cheery exhibit:

Sounds like me!



Total blast, and I definitely felt myself salivating over the chicken Julia Child was cooking on TV. Most of us felt kind of sickened by the next image of her cooking a dead pig because it essentially looked like it had just gotten killed, but I’m sure our shock is just a generational reaction.

We spent an hour watching Julia Child’s TV show, and every once in a while, Martha Stewart’s program popped up and we all gasped. Martha Stewart doesn’t have half the charm and warmth that Julia Child had, but as my friend Lenore said, not everyone can have an animated personality. Not everyone can be Julia Child.

Afterward, everyone wanted to go to Teaism for dinner, and even though I didn’t like pretty much everything on the menu, I chose to suck it up and be an adult for once.

I had Thai chicken curry, and this particular plate had coconut juice. What moron thought it would be a good idea to combine sweet and salty foods? I adore curry but detest coconut sauce, so I was kind of grossed out.

It’s safe to say I will never grow up/break myself of this picky eating habit, and I’m perfectly OK with it. If I ever decide to travel to India, which I’d love to see someday, I’ll have to man up, but judging from the food horror stories I’ve heard from friends, I definitely foresee myself falling over dead on the side of a road upon munching on local cuisine. Knowing my luck, I won’t make it. I literally don’t have the stomach for it.

Maybe later in life, I will 🙂

UPDATE: Well, my roommate’s best friend, Mikaela is a genius. I’ve had a migraine all day, and she fed me dark chocolate, which cured my illness. This evening, we’ll be eating cheesecake, burritos, and probably ice cream. Hooray for health and restored hunger!


One thought on “Julia Child’s Kitchen, repulsive food following

  1. Sweet/salty combinations are one of the most basic food combinations. I’ve never really understood picky eaters – you guys miss out on so many wonderful things in the world.

    Still, I loved your pics from the Julia Child exhibit; She was the greatest.

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