2010 in review

Though 2010 isn’t over yet, I think it’s safe to say I survived the 12 most uncertain months of my life. I entered 2010 with ample doubt, so I’ve never been happier to just say “farewell” to a year.

Before I explain more about the past year, I must give you a brief summary of 2009, which was phenomenal, exciting, and full of new experiences. I spent my summer in Paris, began my senior year of college, went out with friends 4-5 nights a week, constantly hung out with friends, happily edited the opinions section of the university newspaper, and coasted through easy classes. Aside from petty conflicts here and there, life couldn’t have been more perfect. And naturally, nothing that good can last forever.

At Cactus Moon with my amazing roommates!
With Lola!

So when December 2009 came around, I was biting my nails and feeling anxious.

Since I was 12 years old, I’ve had a holiday tradition of writing myself a letter, leaving it in the Christmas ornament box, and re-reading it the following Christmas just to assess how I’ve changed and remained the same in a year’s time.

Last Christmas, I read the 2008 note, which I found to be hilarious. That’s usually how the process goes. I find all my year-old concerns to be laughable twelve months later.

Yet in 2009, I had zero motivation to write myself a memo. I was afraid that I’d read it in December 2010 and feel disappointed by all the things I didn’t accomplish.

As I predicted, 2010 was a terrifyingly uncertain year. In January, I continued writing like a madman for the college paper, but began to realize I was in my last semester of college. And everyone constantly asked me if I was excited to graduate, much to my chagrin and fury. I began getting angry and resentful every time someone brought up graduation because I felt like no one was allowing me to enjoy my last months in school.

In the end, I was the only one spoiling my own fun. I spent my final semester thinking far too much about a complicated relationship with a classmate, and I am sure he didn’t agonize over the situation the way I did. I was also envious of the people who had more time left at college. I would have given anything for another year with my friends, at the school paper, and in the Arizona dry heat.

By graduation, I was still heartsick, but mainly for college life.

My "twin," Dyanna ❤ We were both emo during graduation, whether or not this photo captures that fact

All of this came through during my summer France vacation. Though I loved my trip, it was during this time that I really started to worry about what I was doing with my life.

In July, I moved out of my Tucson apartment and headed to my mom’s house for a few weeks. By August, I found a DC area apartment with my roommate, and we were all settled in by the middle of the month. I job searched unsuccessfully for about a month and a half before deciding to take an internship, which proved to be worthwhile. As it turns out, hard work pays off.

The suspense is over and all is -finally- right in the world. As I continue to reflect on the past year, I can’t help but be thankful for a handful of memorable events. In 2010, I met the ever amazing Jazmine Woodberry and Luke Money at the Arizona Daily Wildcat.

We totally didn't plan to all wear teal that day. We just share the same brain

I’ve gotten to know some awesome characters in D.C., and I’m thankful for the people at my internship for being incredibly welcoming, helpful, and open to my story ideas. I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay in the south of France this past summer.

I miss my college friends all the time, I’m hoping the coming years get easier. Maybe I’ll live closer to my good friends in the near future, or I’ll make new friends and won’t have such a rough time being away from everybody else. Regardless, I’m beyond happy with the path I’ve chosen for myself, and I foresee even better things to come.


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