I dream of sunshine…

Have you ever had such a good dream that you actually felt deceived when you woke up and realized the whole experience wasn’t real?

I have dreams like that all the time, and though they’re much more pleasant than nightmares, they still fuel a sense of disappointment.

When I was in France this past summer, I longed for Chipotle and authentic Mexican cuisine, so naturally, I dreamed about burritos at least once a week during my trip. Earlier this year, I dreamed that my best friend and I won a free flight to Las Vegas. Sometimes I dream about the deceased relatives and friends that I miss most in this world, and waking up and recognizing that I never in fact interacted with these people truly torments me.

Never before have I dreamed specifically about sunshine, at least in terms of the good weather being the dream’s main focus and ultimate source of my happiness.

Last night, I dreamed I was back in 85 degree Arizona heat. The air was dry, the sun was out, and I kept telling all my friends, “I am finally in sunshine again!” And I was wearing my favorite blue sun dress.

San Diego, California!

And then I woke up to gloomy, snowy, 34 degree D.C. weather.

As much as I love the D.C. lifestyle, I can’t help but miss living in the year-round sunshine of Arizona and even northern California.

Thankfully, I’m going to the bay area for a few days for Christmas, but it’s unlikely that the sun will have a strong presence during that window of time. I’ll return to warm weather soon enough, but until then, I’ll merely tell myself, “In your dreams.”


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