Iota, Clarendon, nights out, almost getting slapped by a lunatic

Don’t judge me, but I may or may not be watching “The Proposal” for the fifteenth time in two weeks. What else am I supposed to do on rainy days?

Last night, my roommate and I decided to take advantage of the warm evening night (40 degrees!) and go out. We ventured over to Iota bar in Clarendon, and as we strolled past the metro, a rather deranged older man walked past us and began screaming. He swatted his umbrella in my direction, and if I hadn’t leaped to the side, I would have been hit. Hooray for not getting assaulted by crazy people!

The bar scene was pretty low key at the beginning of the night, so my roommate and I inevitably began talking about global warming and religion, mainly because we’d been discussing our concerns about the recent east coast snowstorm. It’s still hard to fathom the fact that human beings have accomplished so much, yet still have no clue how to tackle extreme weather.

Anna and I enjoyed listening to the bands, and much of the audience seemed to be friends of the band members. One guy, who I estimated to be about 35, kept yelling for me to dance with him, but I declined because I don’t go out to bars to meet guys. I’d rather focus on my friends! And what is it with me being a magnet for significantly older men?

He was like, “You’ve been sitting down all night, get up and dance with me now!”

Thankfully, I began coughing as a result of my cold, so I responded, “Listen to me, I’m sick. You don’t want to come near me.”

And he covered his mouth and resumed flinging himself around the dance floor.

His friend/band mate then approached me and said, “That’s Rob, don’t listen to a word he says. He’s hammered.”

Then, he handed me a flyer about his own band, which will be playing at the same club in two weeks. If the weather permits, my roommate and I will return for that! It’s good to get out every once in a while.

Tomorrow, I will wake up at 4:20 for work! Believe it or not, I love this new schedule, which requires me to begin at 5:30 a.m. and end around 3:00 in the afternoon. I actually prefer getting up early because all the metro trains are empty and few people are on the streets. This means I can actually find a seat on the metro. When I enter Starbucks, I’m pretty much the only customer. It’s peaceful to get my morning off to a quiet start.


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