Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds

Call it pathetic if you will, but I’m sort of watching “The Proposal” for the 16th time in two weeks. To be fair, I justified this viewing by the fact that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, both of whom worked together in the film, are reportedly dating. I must say, the onscreen chemistry between these two is impossible to overlook. Perhaps that’s why I adore this movie so much. I’m always a fan of characters clicking well.

Today was great, and I got to meet one of the new interns. It’s insane to be on the other end of the spectrum. I actually enjoy teaching others, and I found myself really excited each time the intern sent over one of her aggregated stories. It brought me back to my days of newspaper editing, which was such a blast. I’m sure I will eventually do more of this.

Thinking back on 2010 again, I’m thankful for the friends that supported me, the new friends that kept me company and helped me adjust to a new place, and the people on my same wavelength. I’m very lucky!

I’m hoping to visit Tucson, AZ within the next month or so. I could use another UA reunion, and I could certainly stand to eat an Arizona burrito again. I pray the weather won’t disrupt any plans I have in mind.


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