Radio tomorrow, lots of good pieces, commercials, and Homer Simpson

Be sure to tune in to Clash Radio at 11:20 a.m. ET time tomorrow, I’m going to be talking about one of my latest articles! I believe you’ll be able to find the audio at this link on Friday. Keep your fingers crossed that I speak coherently and articulately. Better yet, here’s to hoping I’ll get future television and radio gigs.

I’ve always wanted to meet Bill O’Reilly, so maybe someday my colleague MaryKatharine Ham can make an introduction!

As my good friend Luke Money often reminds me, “Patience is a virtue, L. Diablo.” It’s also something I’ll always need more of!

I’ve been super busy writing news blurbs and reports at work, and among my favorite Daily Caller piece so far tackles the issue of the elimination of the ‘n’ word in an updated version of Huckleberry Finn. Go read the article, I had a blast writing and researching it.

When I’m not writing stories, I’m laughing at weird commercials and news oddities. I’ve been desperately trying to sift through the Youtube search engine for a particularly hilarious Capitol One Venture Card commercial, but I can’t seem to locate this amusing ad.

So, I instead giggle about the Usher song conspiracy theory, which claims that Usher Raymond ripped his tune “OMG” off Homer Simpson.

Listen for yourself and hypothesize. Personally, I don’t think Usher poached anything from the Simpsons, but who doesn’t love a peculiar conspiracy theory every now and then?

“Christmas in December, wow wow wow! Give me tons of presents, now now now!”

Still not buying it.

Oh, and you know my obsession with commercials? Here’s another ad that I always laugh at during work hours.

“Maybe we should move you over to Mamby Pamby Land, ya Jack Wagon!”

Here’s the ever amazing, weird, uncomfortable “Ladders” ad I’ve recently taken a liking to:


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