“I’m coming home, I’m coming home” -P.Diddy

Like a total neurotic traveler, I’ve been trolling Weather.com’s forecasting website for Thursday’s D.C. weather. My roommate got me all worked up when she said Tuesday and Wednesday’s storm could trickle into Thursday, which is the day I’m scheduled to fly to Tucson. I hate to sound like a princess (I came to terms with being demanding a long time ago), but I’d be livid if I was robbed of beautiful Tucson sunshine due to DC’s shitty January weather. Another reason why this place is miserable when it comes to quality of life, but I take full responsibility for choosing to live in a chilly area.

Plus, there’s no way I could have my dream career in Arizona or California, so I’ll go ahead and quit whining so much about cold sections of the U.S.

But it is unusual for the east coast to have snow storms every ten days, or so I’m told.

Anyway, Weather.com says there will be a snow and wind on Wednesday, meaning I’m probably going to slip and fall at some point.

That happened to me last Tuesday, so it would only be fitting for me to make another embarrassing scene a week later.

Basically, I walked to work at around 5:30 a.m. before the streets and sidewalks were plowed. I accidentally went ice skating on a D.C. sidewalk. It was fun for about 3 seconds.

I was literally walking on a sheet of wet ice, and I totally slipped in front of about 3 other people. No one immediately asked if I was all right, which was probably for the best.

An old guy came up and asked if I’d hurt myself, and when I said all was well, he reassured me, “Don’t worry, April is just three months away!”

I still have a bruise on my knee, a reminder of my silly decision to try to emulate Jesus and walk on freezing water.

Anyway, God willing, Tuesday and Wednesday’s storms won’t affect my Thursday flight. Or perhaps I should shut up about it and just accept the fact that:

a. I have no control over the weather

b. I’m the genius that booked a D.C. departure flight during the worst winter month of the year

Should all go according to plan, I’ll be back in 74 degree weather on Thursday afternoon.

My sun lamp arrived yesterday! I’m going to use it for 30 minutes every single morning. Who knows, I may even bring it to work with me. I tested it out yesterday and felt very happy. Thank God for sunlight of any kind.

Last night, I went to a birthday party with my friend Katie from UofA. It was nice to get out again, especially since I really need to make more of an effort to have a D.C. social life! I met some great GWU law students and ended up talking to one of them about what will probably become of 22-year-old accused Tucson gunman Jared Loughner. Leave it to me to talk politics, news, and work during the weekend!

Later on in the evening, Katie and I learned Keith Olbermann ended his MSNBC contract, so I couldn’t stop chatting about that, either.

Things are great at work! I love all the new interns, and apparently there will even more next month.  Keep them coming!


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