I so called it, Thundersnow

Wednesday’s epic east coast storm, or Thundersnow 2011 as many call it, was insanely inconvenient and disruptive. As it turns out, I was right to panic that my Tucson trip would be affected by the weather.

I was rescheduled to take a 3:40 pm flight, which, at the moment has an on time departure and no gate. Flights have already begun taking off, so I think I will get out of here at some point. If I’m lucky, I will be in Tucson before midnight mountain time.

The upside of being stuck at the airport today is the atmosphere of friendliness and camaraderie. Nearly all flights were delayed or canceled today, but everyone has surprisingly been cheerful, willing to chat, and happy. I shared my iPad chord with an Australian old guy, and a group of southern frat guys made me laugh for an hour. They kept pulling pranks, one of which involved placing a Michelle Obama figurine and tampon inside a male friend’s pocket. Weird, but somehow humorous.

When they asked if I was still in college, I said I work in journalism. They answered, “Come to Brazil with us and you’ll have plenty to journal about.” Probably true! All I want right now is to escape DC.

Further tormenting myself, I dreamed of sunshine again last night. These dreams are not only peculiar, but depressing. I’m not going to wake up to warm weather anytime soon on the east coast.

Today, I was fairly excited when an airport employee wanted to verify that I was 18 years old. I guess I’ve reached the stage in life where I praise the idea of looking young. That must mean I take
good care of myself. That or I dress like a high school senior. Either way is fine. I have no plans to retire my Victoria’s Secret Pink sweater set any time soon.

Hopefully I can board this flight sometime soon, but obviously I can’t do that until my plane is assigned a terminal.

Apparently there is going to be yet another snow storm in DC next week. Good lord, what is this place?

If God is on my side this afternoon, he will get me to Tucson by 11:00 pm.

Spending my day off in the airport isn’t my idea of a vacation, but at least I’m not among the hundreds whose cars broke down on the highway last night. I’m lucky I didn’t get caught up in the storm. Ay yiy yiy, winter, why are you so brutal?


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