Nothin like sunshine

I’m finally in warm weather! I felt better in fifteen minutes of Arizona sunshine than I have in three months of DC gloom!

All went well with my flights last night. Before I boarded the plane to Dallas, I met an adorable redhaired old man and instantly felt relieved when he told me that redheads don’t get gray hair the way most people do. Hooray for that. He kept making fun of these teen girls he’d met who had said they were traveling to LA for the weekend just to party.

“And that’s why you’re going to Arizona, right?” he asked. “To party like those silly ninnies?”

“I’m mainly just looking to experience hot weather and see old friends.”

“You’ll be more civil than these other girls, I know that’s for sure.”

This man had West Virginia roots, and I loved his southern accent. Another guy joined in on the conversation and we all started talking about where we live.

“I’m in Arlington with a roommate,” I said.

“Yeah but you’re a total city sucker, I know it!” said the old man. So true.

Plus, the city is far warmer than my suburban area, which doesn’t get plowed quick enough snowy days. The roads are slushy, sidewalks extremely messy, and drivers insane. Chaotic itself, the metro is actually the calm in the entire storm.

I couldn’t get over some of the travel horror stories of other airline passengers, Lots of people either spent the night at the airport, sat in gridlock traffic for a minimum of four hours, or abandoned their cars all together. DC literally cannot handle bad weather. The city doesn’t seem prepared or built to deal with it.

I’m not looking forward to Wednesday’s predicted storm, but I’m hoping it won’t be as severe as what we all saw this week. More than likely, it will be tame compared to Thundersnow 2011.

The flight from Dallas to Tucson was drama free, although I did sit in between a 300 pound man and large cat. I already hate sitting in
the center seat on planes, so imagine my discomfort when I could barely shift around in my chair. I condemn those who make fun of overweight people, but this was truly uncomfortable. I couldn’t move at all, but thankfully the man was super nice. The cat was fairly well behaved as well. Believe it or not, I’ve had worse seating assignments on planes. I was once placed in between an angry old couple that decided not to talk to each other throughout the 5 hour flight. You could feel the tension between them, and to make matters worse, I wept the entire flight for unrelated reasons. I can’t think of a worse, more awkward airplane seating situation. Every time I get stuck with a middle seat, I end up having an odd story to tell.

Tucson sunshine is lovely, and the day is only going to get better. I’m excited to see several close friends this afternoon as well as spend as much time as possible outdoors. The air is chillier than I’d prefer, but the sun is truly all I need. I cannot tell you how much I’ve missed this weather.

Thank God I was able to fly out of DC!


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