Another Clash Radio gig, fun weekend

So the weather is definitely improving in DC. Most days, it’s 40 degrees outside as opposed to the brutally chilly 23 degrees I endured for months on end. Terrible. The majority of the time, I long for California sunshine, but I know in my heart I’d be bored if I were to move back. Plus, I have little desire to return to my childhood home, as much as I love visiting my mother, brothers, sister, and nephews.

I was, however, slightly irked at my mom for calling me up on Sunday and saying she’s experiencing 75 degree sunny weather in the bay area. She went to the beach yesterday. Abominable, I tell ya.

This morning, I went on Clash Radio and ranted about Christina Aguilera’s far too heavily discussed Super Bowl flub. I also talked about my latest Daily Caller slideshow, which I’m quite proud of. I list the top femme fatales of film. I’m really enjoying making slideshows, I’ll have to keep doing it. That is, if I can generate quality slideshow ideas. It’s too easy to create something that’s been overplayed. For example, I desperately want
to make a Katy Perry slideshow, but as it turns out, TheDC already made s Katy Perry tribute slideshow last August. Shows how much I know.

Get this (downroll, please): Bristol Palin will be publishing a memoir. Many critics argue that she’s far too young to release an autobiography, but she’s been through a lot for a 20-year-old. She gave birth at age 18, made the final rounds of “Dancing With
the Stars,” lived through her mother’s vice presidential campaign, was disappointed by her deadbeat baby daddy, etc. I’d be interested in hearing her take on all that, but who knows if she’ll actually pen the book? Perhaps she’ll follow most people’s lead and hire a ghostwriter, which is highly impersonal.

I had a lovely weekend with my cousin Kerry, who invited me to the Cheesecake Factory on Friday and to an awesome bar on Saturday. I met a tall humorous Jesse Eisenberg clone who says he’s an MFA graduate student from the University of Arkansas. What a shame it is to make friends and immediately learn they don’t live
close by. It’s hard enough meeting new people post-college, and when I do, they all seem to take off for greener pastures or return home. My good friend Hillary, for instance, left DC for Arkansas in November and my heart hasn’t recovered since. It was especially hard when Jessica went back to Texas, too. I’m hoping these charming ladies will return to DC in the coming months. I promised Hillary I would make the trek out to Arkansas, so when summer season approaches, I am going to fly down south.

I ran three miles yesterday. All my leg muscles are sore. I’ve been a runner since high school, but ever since I moved to DC, I haven’t had any time to work out. Oddly enough, I’ve actually lost weight in the past few months, but that’s a result of eating healthier, sleeping better hours, and being out of college. Anyway, I missed working out, so I hope to make more time for jogging, which literally keeps my sanity in check.

Things sure are looking up, now that I’m permitting all to go well.


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