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I was heartbroken to hear that CBS news chief foreign correspondent was sexually assaulted and beaten as she covered Egypt’s political unrest. Her “60 Minutes” segments always fascinated me, and she’s part of the reason I decided to go forward with study abroad and international travel in college.

Logan has been a huge journalism hero of mine for several years, so I literally felt sick when my colleague Will broke the news to me. I feel bad that he had to be the one to tell me what had happened, and he definitely wasn’t thrilled to be the messenger.

I commend Logan’s bravery, and that goes for her willingness to report all over the Middle East. I don’t think I will ever acquire the courage to do what she’s been doing. I doubt she’s given up on foreign reporting, although she’ll probably take it down a notch for her children and husband’s sake.

I wrote a short news blurb on Logan the other day and received an odd note from a reader, who wrote, “Laura, I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you in Egypt. You’re in my prayers.”

It’s beyond creepy to get a message like that, and it’s my hope that this man was merely confused and mixed up “Lara” with “Laura.” With that said, I welcome his prayers. I will always accept good energy and the Lord’s blessings.

D.C. has been warm lately, so when I watch the UA basketball game from a bar later on today, I’ll wear one of my favorite sundresses. My mom is coming to visit D.C. next week, so hopefully she won’t freeze in the 50 degree weather.

As the spring nears, I want to take another trip out west. This time, I’ll venture to southern California and my hometown in addition to Tucson. That won’t be until at least April, but hopefully I can make it out to all three locations so I can visit with both family and college friends. Now that my sister lives in Italy, I’d like to see her sometime soon, too. I don’t think I’ve ever loved anywhere as much as I love Rome. Of course, I adore Paris and Cannes, but let’s not kid ourselves, the Italians are much more demonstrative and talkative than the French.


9 thoughts on “Lara Logan, warm weather, vacations, writing

  1. Why isn’t Lara Logan not being charged with prostitution since she was allegedly having sex in the street multiple times? Shouldn’t she have waited at least until she got back to a room at the hotel? It’s amazing what some tramps will do. Some tramps are just into that rough stuff. Lara Logan has been accused of being naively provocative, a very attractive young woman in Western dress in a country where such open displays of pulchritude are considered immoral.

  2. We can only hope and pray that Lara Logan learned her lesson from prancing around like she did in Egypt and now carries some condoms in her pockets.

    1. Facts do scare some people, but thanks for exemplifying that, and, you are so very welcome for that lesson too. No charge. 🙂

  3. American society is quite a violent one and that’s why so many people carry weapons to protect themselves. Lara Logan just needs to carry condoms, that’s the best protection she could hope for.
    Can you imagine if she gets pregnant from for tricking in the Egyptian streets? She’ll have to give up the baby to it’s daddy because she’s obvious unfit to be a parent as she so well demonstrated. No child wants to see their mother out in the streets tricking on the news, so sad. 😦

  4. I don’t think the attack had anything to do with her clothes, it had to do with the fact that she was an American and she was a woman and women in the Islamic religion are not seen the same way. More, she was believed to be more than a journalist or, if not, she was there,she was weaker then they were (duuuh) and unfortunately human nature is so perverse at war that we can’t find just one reason…this is a very sad case and it was not her fault.

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