Fun articles, upcoming trips, nights on the town

This past week was exhausting but quite fulfilling. I worked really hard on a packaged story about Kay S. Hymowitz’s book, “Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys,” and I think my two articles turned out very smooth. I enjoyed chatting with Hymowitz herself in addition to a worldly dating expert and two renowned feminist writers. I think I’ve found the perfect topic to write about: Relationships.

I also developed a case of Charlie Sheen Fatigue this week (I suppose this is better than being on the Charlie Sheen Drug.) The whole world may revel in watching the train-wreck’s life fall apart, but I reached a point where his insanity was no longer shocking or entertaining. As much as I love his “I’m tired of pretending like I’m not special…a freakin’ rockstar from Mars” comment, he just kind of spoiled it after a while. More than anything or anyone, I feel bad for Denise Richards, who actually seemed like Sheen’s most well-adjusted former wife and girlfriend. Speaking of his romantic partners (if they can even be called that), one of the “goddesses” dumped him. I guess he has to make due with just *gasp* ONE GIRLFRIEND for a change. Now there’s a concept he’s probably never, ever grasped.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about my recent work, and I’m hoping to produce similar stories in the near future.

I’m also hoping to venture out to California sometime next month. I want to see my three nephews and niece, brothers, mom, Jack Russell Terrier, and relatives. I of course want to eat classic west coast Mexican food, of which the east coast lacks like nowhere else. I go to Chipotle, which is about as authentic as Taco Bell. Nevertheless, I picked up Chipotle take-out this afternoon.

The guy in front of me was pretty condescending to the female server. When she couldn’t understand his requests, he began speaking to her in Spanish, which prompted the two of us ladies to raised our eyebrows at each other. His attempt at a second language would have been well received had this woman actually been, I don’t know, Hispanic or from another country. But she was a darker skinned American, making his gesture a highly insulting one. It’s a little rude to assume someone needs to be spoken to in his/her native language merely because you’re mumbling. I shouldn’t be too hard on the guy, though. I’m by no means a perfect individual, and I’ve had my fair share of faux pas situations before.

If I fly out to California for a few days, I’ll definitely be sure to enjoy the warm weather, Peets Coffee shops, beaches, and Santa Cruz residents. I miss all the weird people!

Not that I haven’t bumped into some colorful characters in the D.C. area. In time, I’ll inform you of my latest awkward run-in. Another day, another post.

I’m going out to Clarendon tonight, so I’m pretty excited about that. I actually prefer the northern Virginia nightlife scene to the bars and clubs in D.C., although I do love going to a particular bar with my cousin in the Northeast D.C. area. Way too fun. I actually saw her last weekend for a big family outing at Dogfish Head restaurant. Everyone always tells us we look identical, so we weren’t surprised when our family members made comments about it during dinner. We were, however, more than a little embarrassed when my mom and uncle began singing and dancing to a song we’ve never heard of called, “But They’re Cousins.” It was hilarious, of course, and we have thicker skin than we lead on. We’re doing an Eastern Market trip soon, so that will be exciting.

D.C. is back to being cold again, for now, at least. April is supposed to be a warmer month. When did I become someone who only talks about the weather? Well, in actuality, I only talk about the weather during winter, and by talk, I mean complain. Everyone at work jokes that I constantly dress like I’m about to go on a big snow trip.

Believe it or not, I can name someone else who wears even more winter attire than me. Every morning when I get off the metro at 5:30 a.m., I bump into this lady who seriously looks prepared to battle Antarctica snowstorms.

Speaking of my early wake-up time, my favorite morning Starbucks employee got fired. The other customers and I used to always say that this particular barista made the morning coffee shop experience feel like that show “Cheers.” He lost his job for complaining constantly. Now that I reflect on the experience, he did whine a lot about his co-workers, but I understand the importance of venting, and he was always in such a happy and friendly mood towards me and others that I didn’t care about his negative feelings towards colleagues. Plus, they really are kind of rude and definitely not as charismatic. It’s a shame he’s gone, but I don’t make nearly as many coffee runs as I used to. Our office purchased an unbeatable Keurig coffee maker, so I use that whenever I can. Too bad there’s always a shortage of creamer!

Now onto the positive part of this post: I am obsessed with British singer Adele. I can’t stop listening to this song:

I really want to see this movie:


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