‘Limitless’, one final snowfall, people who make me smile, links

“Limitless” deserves some credit for portraying “The Hangover” stud Bradley Cooper as a hipster. Well, he’s artsy at the beginning of the film, but that made enough of an impression to keep me laughing all throughout the movie. I never thought I’d see the day where preppy Cooper sports long hair, a gut, and washed-out attire. I kind of like him this way, even though he clearly didn’t like himself as an eclectic writer.

Anyway, “Limitless” is worth a trip to the theater, even though I was definitely pushed to the edge of my seat a couple of times. I must say, the bald thug is the most annoying character to have ever shown up on film or television. I shuddered every time he opened his mouth or appeared on screen, and I seriously think his presence alone raised my blood pressure. Thankfully, I thoroughly loved the rest of the “Limitless” experience.

April is just days away, but it snowed last night here in D.C. Thankfully, most of it has melted already, but I’m so disgusted by this endless winter. According to my favorite Potbelly employee, the cold weather will remain for another month and a half. I welcome 120 degree humidity over the blistering chill that just won’t go away. Take me somewhere warm.

But I am headed to the desert in less than two weeks, so I’ll have a nice quick break from the cold when I hang out in Tucson. After that, I’m going to California to see family, and I’ll enjoy the heat there as well.

The other day, I ran into my favorite ex-Starbucks barista. He got fired for whining too much, but I always liked him, probably because we share the love of complaining. I made hm give me a hug, and he told me that the workers at Starbucks keep dropping like flies. He was asked to return as a staff member, and I hope he does. As my fellow 5:30 a.m. customers say, this man turned Starbucks into the show “Cheers”.

I also really love this particular Potbelly server. She’s always so nice and gives me extra bags of cookies when I order Oreo milkshakes. Though I sometimes let harmless jabs get to me, I do appreciate simple acts of kindness and small gestures. I’m glad to have her and the former Starbucks worker around, as they definitely make me feel like I have more friends in the D.C. area.

I continue to battle with winter, but there’s light at the end of this tunnel. Jezebel, one of my favorite news sites, linked to my dating story!  I read Jezebel and Gawker every day, so I’m sure you can imagine the excitement I felt as I learned they’d checked out my article. At The Daily Caller, we revel in getting Drudge Report links. Well, I love, love, love getting linked by Gawker Media, so this was huge for me. I’ll shut up about it now, as I’ve announced this fact all over Twitter and Facebook, but just know I’m smiling as a result of it all.


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