Yahoo news link, Cherry Blossoms, sunshine

D.C. was 80 degrees of glorious humidity this afternoon. I spent an hour outdoors from 4 to 5 p.m., and I was content to stand even though all the park benches were occupied. During brutal winter months, they serve as mattresses for the homeless. God bless the hobos’ souls! In all seriousness, I felt better off leaning on a tree than exposing myself to D.C. city germs. You can’t go wrong with the giving tree!

I’ll post pictures later of my documentation of yesterday’s Cherry Blossom Festival, which was gorgeous. The Japanese flowers are out of season, but beautiful nonetheless. Everyone was out yesterday, so it was great seeing dogs, families, couples, and people of all ages roaming around D.C.

My latest “Tiger Mother” piece got major traffic from Yahoo! News today, so I was thrilled to see my work had been picked up by another big source.  I was very taken aback to see my story on Yahoo!’s front page. Now I just have to keep outdoing myself every week!

I’m scheduled to leave for Tucson on Thursday, but if you’ve ever read my blog extensively, you know I have the. worst. travel. luck. EVER. I’ve spent a bone cutting, teeth-chattering night in Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport during winter, gotten stranded in Denver, been on a plane that was low on jet fuel and managed by a panicked pilot, and had countless canceled flights. If you know anything about my January Tucson trip, you know my flight was delayed by 12 hours due to snow.

Regardless of all these mishaps, I continue to fly places because I’d be insanely sad to stay put in one place. Airline nuisances are worth vacations, so I truly have no grounds to whine.

Even so, I’m peeved that Southwest Airlines is canceling flights left and right this week. There’s a good chance I won’t make my Thursday flight, as most of the aircrafts have to be inspected for faults. I don’t blame Southwest at all, I’m actually relieved that the business is taking necessary safety precautions in response to Saturday’s roof malfunction. You can’t have that happen again. Who wants to board a plane that has ceiling cracks? Pas moi.

Hopefully everything will be secure by the end of this week.

I have a confession to make. I saw the “Wimpy Kid” sequel this weekend, but who can really blame me? The first movie reminds me so much of my childhood, which wasn’t so fun 75 percent of the time but made me laugh regardless. It’s due to those experiences that I don’t really want to raise my future family in the suburbs, but obviously I have many steps to take before crossing that bridge. Though the “Wimpy Kid” series is for kids, it’s hysterical, and I’m by no means above slapstick humor. Crystal and I are unashamed of our adoration for “Good Burger” and other 90s Nickelodeon productions. We just wish contemporary comedies could send us to the floor in laughter! That doesn’t happen too often anymore, but perhaps that will change when we watch “The Hangover Part II” this summer. Stoked.

And now, I sleep.


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