Like boarding school, but not

I keep telling my roommate that “our first year in D.C.” has felt a lot like boarding school. Granted, I can’t speak from experience, being that I attended public school from 4th grade through college, but I certainly know what it’s like to leave home and feel disoriented.

With the weather heating up, we keep expecting summer vacation to roll around. The season is on it’s way, just not the repose aspect! All will be well, and I fully intend to go to Italy for a week sometime this summer to stalk my older sister at graduate school. Fingers crossed I’ll have the money/time to pull this off. As much as I adored France, it was incomparable to Italy, where the people are passionate, food is amazing, and temperature is perfect. Maybe this time, I will actually go inside the Duomo.

Anyway, my roommate and I still feel like we’ve been sent off to boarding school, and hopefully this odd feeling will dissipate before May. Speaking of which, can you believe May is a week away?!

I’m especially excited for the beginning of the month, when a non-fiction research book will hit bookstores. My [composite] life experiences will be featured in this work, so I look forward to seeing how the author incorporated my stories into her book.

Here are some snapshots of Charlie Sheen’s D.C. visit. I swear this will be the last time I blog about him, but I’m still basking in the fun from that evening, when I met some hilarious and exciting individuals (I’m not including the aforementioned warlock).

I'm an F-18, bro
Sheen after I asked him about Denise Richards
When he stepped out of the car

I text messaged tons of people that evening, but out of everyone I spoke to, my mother was the most concerned.

Though she loves “Two and a Half Men”, my mom did not want me talking to Charlie Sheen. When I mentioned to her that I’d chatted with him and was hoping to score another interview later on, she said, “What do you mean, you’re going to see him later tonight?!”

I laughed and reassured my mom that I just hoped to get another Q&A with him and explained that I didn’t even believe this would be possible.

“Well, don’t interview him alone,” she said, adding, “Congratulations, Laura! I enjoy his show so much!”

Well, his old show. In the words of comedian Jeffery Ross, “Mubarak has a better shot at getting his job back [than Charlie Sheen].”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m itching for more famous folks to travel to D.C. I missed Kate Walsh during her Congress visit, but I’ll be on the look-out for more VIPs. At present, I’m reading a heartbreaking memoir that was sent to me by an NYC author/former Yale professor, so I’m going to be writing on that this week. I talked to Tiger Mother again because she was placed on the TIME 100 list, so it was nice corresponding with her for the second time and learning that she’s now on Twitter. She also encountered actual tigers for her photo shoot. Unsurprisingly, Tiger Mother can take on wild cats!

My roommate and I will be parting ways this summer because she got an awesome job in Maryland. Though we’re happy for this accomplishment, there’s no way we could stay together for another year. I want to live closer to D.C. (HOPEFULLY Georgetown) and her new position requires her to be really far away from the city, so we agreed that it’s best to go in different directions. I will be much happier once I relocate, and I’m sure she’ll feel the same. As much as I love the safety and low rent of my northern Virginia apartment, I’m too much of a city person to remain at my current home. I’ll gladly become poor(er) if it means I can reside in perfect Georgetown! Though I dislike D.C.’s bland, soulless environment, I could easily stay in Georgetown forever. And never leave.

Nikita, family friends, and me at Georgetown University in summer 2008!
Georgetown or Hogwarts?

I’m sad to say the interns are all on their way out 😦 Thankfully, Kate is staying because she just began, but the ones who started in January are taking off. I hope they had a blast working here, and I’m quite excited for the next crop of interns to arrive.

All right, I’m off to yoga class. Time to unwind.


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