Old favorites revisited: ‘Princess Diaries’, ‘She’s the Man’

With the royal wedding just days away (and zero complaints about it from my end!), it was only fitting for me to re-watch “The Princess Diaries” this evening. I haven’t seen the movie since my freshman dorm days at Arizona (love you, Carolyn!):

Coronado Hall spring 2007, Check out the TV in the background!
Boy can she tan!

Keeping with this week’s theme, I revisited “Princess Diaries”, which was an unexpected treat.

Mia, before she becomes... (drumroll please!)
Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, Crown Princess of Genovia!
San Francisco!

I first saw this movie during the summer between 7th and 8th grade. My mom was nice enough to take me out, and when Anne Hathaway’s character fell for the popular preppy guy, my mother whispered to me, “But she should be with the other boy, he’s much nicer and liked her for who she was before she became a princess!”

At the time, I thought my mom was delirious, but she was spot on. Kid’s movies tend to convey valuable life lessons.

Though not exactly created for a young audience, “She’s the Man” is an amusing flick as well. I wish Amanda Bynes’ acting career would take off again, she’s a riot!

Channing Tatum....No words.
Always keeping it classy.

I’ve definitely had better Mondays before. On the metro ride home this afternoon, I sat a few feet away from what sounded like a dying old man. Listening to his cough, I could tell he was a smoker and had severely deteriorated his lungs. He hacked for a few minutes before dropping his head forward and projectile heaving visceral fluid. Sorry to be graphic, but I’m fairly certain he spat mucus rather than vomit (and we’re so much better off now for that, right?!). He had a napkin but chose not to waste his treasured paper towel on the metro floor, the new home for his spit up remains. No one said anything until he began smoking inside the train, which immediately reaked of gag-worthy fumes. At the insistence of others, the crazy guy chucked his cigarette to the ground. Luckily, the fire died out on its own.

I guess all WMATA’s rules on forbidding eating and drinking on the metro make no real difference in cleanliness. We may as well adopt the policies of the New York City transit system, which keeps its metro going 24 hours a day. Those lucky bastards!

Before today’s epic gross out session, I had a mini panic episode in front of two star interns, both of whom calmed me down in different ways. Dan just kept cracking up, which in turn made me giggle and chill out. Kate listened and passed no judgement as I spewed vulgarity for several minutes. All was well soon enough, and thankfully I had others around with whom to laugh.

Kate and I are ghost hunting at a D.C.-area hot spot tomorrow, I can already predict tons of inside jokes will come out of this excursion! With her photography skills, we’ll have tons of pictures as well, hopefully some of apparitions! Just kidding, but not really. After all, I did visit San Jose’s Winchester Mystery House at least once a year growing up!

It's supposedly filled with restless spirits

I mean, the interior isn't creepy at ALL, right?! 😉


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