DC ghost tour with a southern belle, big news day

The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind. Before I get into Obama’s birth certificate release and Donald Trump’s insane comments about being to thank for all that, I’ll muse upon a happier topic: Last night’s D.C. ghost hunt!

Kate and I took a guided tour of Lafayette Square’s many haunted sites. Oddly enough, as soon as I got to the area, I remember feeling really comfortable and at peace because of the trees, benches, and grass. It brought me back to my summer in Paris’s le marais district, more specifically the location of Victor Hugo’s house.


As soon as I stepped onto Lafayette Square, I felt at home and ease. When the tour started, I learned the aforementioned spot is plagued with ghosts of warriors, slain men and women, and even squirrels, so hopefully my immense comfort doesn’t mean I’m meant to roam with spirits!

Texan doll Kate got someone to take this awesome picture, which I love for numerous reasons:

White House, grass, lovely partner-in-crime, sunny day, hot weather = perfection!

Our tour guide walked us through some historical places by the White House, one being Dolly Madison’s house. We were told to take pictures and study each one for orbs. Although I didn’t see many weird things, I do think this photo of Mrs. Madison’s house is fairly creepy, especially since her apparition is said to always hang around her front porch and windows. Apparently, she’s often spotted by young men because she loved wagging her finger at misbehaving cads.

What's the light spot by the upper left window? Reflection? Dolly Madison? You decide.

There may have been something odd at Dolly Madison’s residence, but the vibes were fairly positive and happy. She died at an old age with a relatively drama-free existence at that point, so I doubt she passed away with ample negativity.

Henry Rathbone’s house, however, could not have been creepier. Just standing outside that building brought down my mood, and I really did feel overwhelmed with fear, sadness, and bad energy. In case you didn’t know, he’s the man who witnessed Lincoln’s assassination. After that traumatic incidient, Rathbone lost his mind, murdered his wife, tried to kill his kids, and ended up in an insane asylum. Even though he did awful things all the way in Germany, his D.C. home was still haunted by the horrendous actions he’d committed from afar. People used to be too afraid to even walk on the sidewalk by his home because they were scared the horrible vibes would rub off on them and cause them to hear voices.

The home is now a scholarship foundation headquarters, but I’m sure it’s not a pleasant place.

The house on a bright cheerful day...

The White House is overflowing with ghosts, one of which is Rathbone’s buddy, Lincoln, who has the strongest supernatural presence of all the spirits in the house. He apparently learned he’d die ten days before being killed. The former president awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of weeping, so he followed the noises and subsequently stumbled upon a group of crying folks. When he asked why they were upset, they said, “We’re mourning the death of the president.” That’s enough to spook anyone!

Blogging about this tour (late at night!) kind of has me in a bad mindset, so I’ll switch to another subject. Regardless, I had such a blast with Kate and want to do another ghost hunt soon!

Today was a wild news day, and while I believe Trump’s “pushy oaf” (to quote Gawker) ways influenced Obama to present the heavily discussed birth certificate, the billionaire is not to thank. After all, he bullied our president into making a degrading speech. My heart went out to Obama as he publicly addressed his harasser, who now claims Obama was a mediocre college student. What a shame. Even so, I can’t help laughing when I hear Trump unabashedly say, “I’m very proud of myself…I am really honored frankly to have played such a big role in hopefully, hopefully, getting rid of this issue…I am really proud, I am really honored….I feel I have accomplished something really, really important, and I am honored by it.” There’s no sarcasm with him, he truly thinks he’s changing the country for the better. It’s nice we finally got to see the proof of birth, but a shame we got here through menacing strategies.

While waiting in line at CVS this evening, I had a rather confusing encounter with a fellow customer. We were standing by the candy aisle, so he pointed to a chocolate bar titled “Chunky” and said, “Wow, isn’t that an awful name for a treat?”

“Sure,” I replied. “I guess the company decided not to tip-toe around the calories.”

“You see, this reminds me of a bunch of bad lines,” he said. “Kind of like, you are what you eat, I guess.”

I nodded, unsure where this conversation was going.

“And it’s even worse when someone says, ‘You are what you eat and I’m delicious!'”

Once again, I didn’t know how to respond, but maintained a smile because the situation had gotten unnecessarily pointless and bizarre. Almost immediately after that, he grabbed a bag of Trolli Brite Crawler gummies.

“I guess this means I’m a worm.”

As for me, I’m mac n’ cheese, which I had for dinner this evening (and maybe last night as well, you’ll never know the truth :). A bunch of co-workers got together to celebrate the work of an outgoing employee, who is headed for the northeast very soon. It’s nice to do fun things during the work week in spite of epic tornado warnings, which D.C. has right now. I should care more, but I don’t.

Speaking of D.C.: I still worry that the cold weather hasn’t fully left the region. Winter was so trying and depressing that I truly believed it was never going to end. Now that I’m experiencing 70 degree weather humid days, I’m comforted but cautiously optimistic. D.C. temperatures are so unpredictable, too. You’ll have sunny skies one day and a major tornado the next. I literally keep waiting to step outside and get my ass kicked by frigid cold temperatures. I’m still a little to nervous to declare the awful weather over.

On the bright side, I recently stopped feeling like an ice cube. I was freezing from late September up until 2 weeks ago, so perhaps you can see why I’m so afraid the sun will never return to D.C. Summer 2010, which once felt unbearably hot, seems like it happened years and years ago. Was it ever -not- chilly in D.C.? Can I have those days back right now?


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