Georgetown Cupcake, yoga fun

As I wrote on Wednesday, Georgetown Cupcake decided to serve beautiful royal wedding themed cupcakes for William and Kate’s big day:


On Friday, I ventured over to the lovely sweet shop (I was already in Georgetown) to pick up some goodies for me and my roommate, who had baked royal wedding scones that morning to celebrate the delightful ceremony. When I arrived at Georgetown Cupcake, I learned that the Wills and Kate treats were now only available by pre-order, so I bought two red velvets, two vanilla chocolates, and two hazelnut chocolates for the apartment. They sort of melted on the way home, but were scrumptious nonetheless:

With the weather warming up, I’d like to restore my bike riding abilities (which I boxed up and set aside in junior high), and perhaps I can snatch this Georgetown bike beforehand:

Found this right between Snap Restaurant and Baked & Wired

I went to yoga again today, and even though my center of gravity could use some work, I’ve gotten better at using my torso for balancing purposes. My biggest issue now is arm strength. The instructor says I have strong legs but weak arm muscles, so I need to tone up before trying out some of the riskier balancing poses. During the lesson, she accidentally left a rash on my leg by applying intense pressure onto my quad. She pressed on my leg so hard, I thought my skin was going to split apart, but at least I perfected the pigeon position! She was a really effective teacher (they all are), and I kind of liked being pushed (no pun intended) to work harder.

Big week ahead, but more on that later on! Stay tuned.


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