Bernie Sanders event, rainy weather, busy week, remembering France

It’s been an awesome week in D.C. aside from all the disgusting rain. Earlier this week, we had some awful rain storms and wind that reminded me of October and November weather! Worst of all, the rust marks on my umbrella looked gross.

On Tuesday, I went to a Bernie Sanders book event on U Street, which I love! It’s kind of an unusual area, which reminds me of northern California and parts of Venice Beach. Busboys and Poets is also an awesome venue, where the gathering was held. I was definitely the youngest person there, but everyone was so kind to me. An older woman who spoke with a southern accent approached me from out of nowhere and said, “I love your shirt, it looks so comfortable!” And I thought I’d dressed up that morning! Even so, she was really sweet and talkative. I soon found out she was from Austin, Texas, where my mom keeps telling me to move. Though I appreciate southern hospitality and heat, I would miss the east coast work pace too much. Besides, DC has plenty of southern influence. My roommate likes to joke that I’ve developed a southern twang since moving here, but that wouldn’t surprise me. She’s from Georgia, most of my office comes from the south, and Californians talk slow too.

Everyone cheered when Bernie got on stage. He almost immediately began reading from his book:

Is that a glare?

I did fun write-up on the event and definitely met some interesting folks. On my way out, some guy came up to me and said, “Oh hey, you were at the Bernie Sanders book signing!”

When I told him I’m a writer, he said, “Oh, where do you go to college?”

It’s refreshing when people think I’m still a student! He kept going on and on about “conservative lunatics” and how they’re ruining the country.

“I love Busboys and Poets because it attracts so many PROGRESSIVES!”

It always surprises me when people immediately go off on a political tangent like that. What made him assume I subscribed to his equally closed-minded views? I said both sides of the wing-nut spectrum are dangerous. Thankfully, he was a really nice person and we had a good conversation, and I challenged some of his points. I couldn’t help but laugh when he pretended to box the air after he said he hadn’t gotten into Berkeley. I may not be in accordance with some of his comments, but he was hysterical. Chances are, I’ll probably hang around that bookshop again when I need to talk to real grown-ups about politics and such.

If you want to hear my latest Clash Radio appearance, click here and scroll down to the May 3rd link. Cue it up to 22:00. I speak long before that, but the reception is poor so you can’t hear my voice very well. I discussed bin Laden’s death, Donald Trump, college students, and the amazing University of Arizona, which I still miss. If I could re-live my senior year, I would do so in a second. Just name your price! More than anything, I miss going out with friends, late night conversations, having my lovely Honda Accord, dry heat, and happy people. It’s harder to make friends in the real world, but I’m making progress! Kate is cute as a button and always planning our excursions, so I’m thankful she’s here. Before that, I felt like Paul Rudd in “I Love You, Man.” Luckily, I’m not “friend poor” in D.C. anymore!

The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth” is finally out, so go buy it! The book reveals the heinous nature of school harassment, bullying, and cliques, all of which have been rampant in the US in recent years. I thought I endured Hell when I dealt with middle school bullies in 2001, but things have gotten much worse for kids a decade later, as made obvious by last year’s spike in bully-provoked suicides and increased hostility on campuses. In truth, this sort of thing deters me from wanting to have children unless I could put them in private schools. Even there, kids are downright rotten, so we’ll see. The whole education system is a giant mess and something I never want to encounter again, but maybe I’ll change my mind when I have my own family. I have no clue how my parents raised me, as I was constantly complaining and begging to be home schooled.

It’s unfortunate that so many students had to end their lives before schools finally realized that bullying is a huge problem, but hopefully it really will “get better” from here on out. I’m going to the “Geeks” book signing tomorrow, so that will be really exciting and eye opening. I’ll be sure to take pictures…in geek fashion of course! As stated in the book, there is a difference between “geeks” and “nerds.” Nerds have intellectual interests whereas geeks tend to  have more of an affinity for recreational activities. With my love for books, languages, political discussion, and writing, I’m probably closer to nerd status. Plus, the only sports I can do are running, yoga, rock climbing, gymnastics, and horse back riding (do those count as sports? I’m not sure). My friend Angela, a self-proclaimed geek, is all about video games, Pokemon, and technology.

During our trip to France last summer, she’d randomly laugh and say, “LN,” comparing the ground to a mathematical function.

France: June 2010

Arizona, October 2010: Dorks R US
En France!
After our speedboat almost sank on the French Riviera!
During my January 2011 Tucson trip!

Because I miss Angela’s goofy antics, here’s an excerpt from my Cannes trip blog that encapsulates her endearing ways:

Angela, whom I love to death, has been a reliable source of humor so far.

During our downtime at the Days Inn Detroit Metro airport, Angela shrieked, “It’s Saturday morning, guys! Can we watch Pokemon?!”

“NO POKEMON,” Lola and I yelled in unison, even though we found this exchange of words to be amusing.

I miss the fun times I had with Lola and Angela! Take me back to Europe!

Some great quotes from the visit were:

“There was a bus of Americans in the hotel last night…The bus was Laura.”

“I suppose you can like his music, but please don’t become a ‘belieber,’ okay?”

I learn from your mistakes, okay? After you got yelled at for demanding smaller portions, I definitely won’t be doing anything similar!”

“No, we are all adults here. You can order from the regular menu.”

“All people do here [in France] is wait, wait, wait.”

“Well, we have more class than to give boxes,” the waiter said.

“Laura, stop eating. You’re fighting with your food.”

“In nice terms, our boat is sinking, isn’t it?”


“Well, it’s true…”

“You know, Angela, there’s a reason why ‘faux pas’ is a French word,” I said.

“Hey, you can’t do that! I liked that show!” said Lola.

“Laura’s allowed to be picky with food, so I’m allowed to be picky with T.V. shows!” Angela said.

“Here in France, all the nice guys date mean girls,” Sabrina said. “Therefore, nice girls are all alone.”

“You’re so weird, Laura,” she said at lunch today when I didn’t want to eat the entirety of my crème brulee. “I’ve never met anyone like you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because you don’t like finishing sweet desserts!”

“American chocolate is utter crap in comparison to French chocolate,” Angela said.

“It’s like an aftertaste of puke,” Lola said of her opinion of Hershey’s when she first got to the US.

I took this video while sitting on beach rocks:


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