“Geeks” signing, Irish play, broken Rainbow sandals

If only “The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth” would have come out a decade ago. I’m happy anti-bullying advocates like Jodee Blanco and Ke$ha (I’d rather credit her than Dan Savage, who made cruel, bully-esque comments about Sen. John McCain during early promotion of the “It Gets Better” movement) come out against mean-spirited behavior, I just wish these kinds of people would have been around ten years ago when I needed to their words of wisdom most. Growing up, I never felt adequate in the school setting, but my parents promised life would improve over the years. They were right, I just would have loved more reassurance from outside sources/the media.

Thankfully author Rachel Simmons published “Odd Girl Out” when I was 14, but that was the only helpful book I found. When I was in 7th grade, my dad purchased “Cliques” and highlighted all the lines and paragraphs that were applicable to me and my buddies, yet that work didn’t resonate with me as much as Simmons’s did.

For all today’s lonely younguns, there’s Alexandra Robbins’s new book, “The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth,” which attests that middle school/high school outsiders thrive in the real world because of the very quirks that made them unpopular as young teens. Jezebel and The Daily Mail have written about this great new work, which I’ve been reading all week. I highly recommend you pick up a copy. Regardless of your former label(s), you’ll appreciate the stories and probably relate to at least one of the seven main characters (all of which are real people who Robbins followed).

On my way to the book event today, I walked up to a line of taxis to ask one of the drivers for directions to get to Barnes and Noble. The first cabbie had his feet propped up on his seat and clipped away at his toenails. I could hear the cringe-inducing sound from a few feet away and literally got the chills. I have a weird aversion to the sound of nails getting clipped, so I wasn’t eager to interrupt this man in the middle of his intensive, noisy grooming process. To avoid disturbing this guy, I trekked over to the next cab driver, who instructed me to walk two blocks north to get to the store.

It was great seeing Robbins and getting two signed books. I also enjoyed venturing up to Bethesda, which is a fun hotspot outside of D.C. I hadn’t visited the area since October, when Hillary lived there.

Later on, I headed down to DuPont Circle to meet up with Kate to see a dark Irish play. On my way to see her, I tripped over a pothole and broke one of my Rainbow sandals, which have been loyal to me for 2.5 years. I’ve been told that the company mails complimentary pairs of flip-flops to costumers if something like this happens, but hopefully that’s not a new age old wives tale. Do any of you know the truth? Is this rumor accurate? If so, I will definitely ship my shoes over to the business for a new set. I can’t be without my Rainbows for too long!

Kate and I loved the play, “The New Electric Ballroom,” which takes you through the misadventures of two bitter old Irish ladies. They’re washed out and still angry at each other about the past, but have something else to temporarily focus on when a fish distributor comes into their lives. Like all great stories, this one has a plot twist. I loved the characters and actors, especially since the women faked Irish accents. I was impressed they pulled the inflection off so well! During my early high school days, I loved playing cameos in school plays, doing monologues and skits in drama classes, and taking improv courses at acting camp, so I never lost my appreciation for theater. I don’t have an over-the-top personality like a true actress should, but I take my hat off to anyone who can light up the stage. Kate fits the mold and I bow down to her for it!


4 thoughts on ““Geeks” signing, Irish play, broken Rainbow sandals

  1. I THINK they will replace your Rainbows if you have not worn through a spot in one of the layers in the soles yet. Sadly I’ve already worn through a layer in the heel area, so no free replacements for me.

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