Eat Pray Love, rain, burrito love

It’s kind of sad that “Eat Pray Love” author Liz Gilbert is over her own memoir, but at least she has finally achieved inner peace. The entire book follows her mid-life crisis, relationship problems, and suicidal moments, so it’s a relief that she’s past all the drama.

On moving on from “Eat Pray Love,” Gilbert said, “I wanted to be polite to this thing that had happened, but I wanted to be home, I wanted to be gardening. I wanted to be with moss and ferns.”

The other day, I came across a hysterical blog called, “The Frenemy,” which is a safe haven for girls who love to complain, rant, and engage in self-deprecating humor. One of my favorite quotes from the blogger comes from her tweet, “Whenever I go on a date, I wanna wear a sign that says: ‘RATHER BE EATING A BURGER BY MYSELF’ or ‘YOUR CHILDHOOD STORIES BORE ME.'” I tend to agree with the former! Childhood stories interest me, but more often than not, it’s better to consume food alone and not have to worry about ordering something off the big kid’s menu (not in my nature) or eat like a lady (DEFINITELY not something I’d do). I still wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m never going to be a woman who lives for the kitchen, goes to fancy restaurants, and hosts dinner parties. Going back to the burger comment, I’m in total accordance with everything she said but would prefer a burrito.

I normally wouldn’t swear in my blog, but it’s supposed to rain all fucking week in D.C. Sometimes I really wonder why I moved to this side of the country. The jobs are fantastic, but the weather is miserable. The hot summers last too long and most people can’t handle the snow.

Last night, the bosses purchased a party bus and pub crawl for everyone on staff. It was such a blast, I never thought I’d have such a ball with my colleagues. I always knew it was a great crowd, but back in college, I never imagined I’d work at such a wild place. It made me miss all the fun times I had at University of Arizona. Speaking of which, the Wildcats graduated today. It’s unbelievable that I was in the same boat a year ago. Tomorrow will be the one-year anniversary of my own graduation. Here’s what I had to say about it in a blog entry last year:

I officially graduated from the University of Arizona on May 15, 2010. The UA was nothing but spectacular for me, and I’m thankful for my time here, but I haven’t gotten upset about graduating or leaving. It’s not really in my nature to dwell on goodbyes or miss a place so intensely that I can’t enjoy the present. I had a mind-blowing time at the UA, and now I have even more exciting days to come. Maybe not right away, but eventually….

Sadly, my incredible sister graduated from a private liberal arts college with cum laude honors on May 16, the day immediately following my graduation. We couldn’t attend each other’s ceremonies. Regardless, I’m so proud of her, and I’m also beyond jealous that she’s probably going to do her graduate studies in Florence, Italy. We’re definitely alike in our love for European travel, romance languages, art, writing, books, and meeting everyone we possibly can.

I hope my sister ends up living in Italy forever so we can have an excuse to visit her all the time! I would, however, miss her terribly if she were to live so far away.

Now my sister is a graduate student in Florence and I’m visiting her this summer! I can’t wait to be back in Italy, where I’ll proceed to eat sinfully and constantly throughout my stay. I’ll also take home some Nutella jars. Forget the historical sites, I’m more interested in the food!

At work, we have some funny high school interns who are about to go off to prestigious schools. For now, they’re testing the waters of journalism. When I noticed a million stickers on the girls’ laptops, I asked them if that was the new trend for teenagers.

“Is that the new hip thing to do in high school? Put lots of stickers on your MacBooks?” I said, slightly horrified at how old the question made me feel.

“Yeah, sort of,” they answered.

Back when I was in high school, laptops weren’t all that common. I was all about the desktop, which I shared with my entire family. I typed up assignments and essays but we weren’t allowed to bring computers to class. How times have changed since 2006! That was half a decade ago. MySpace was popular, Facebook was unknown to my age group, and everyone had a LiveJournal.

Hopefully these young ladies can keep me informed on what’s cool and what’s not. Someday I’d like to be similar to “Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth” author Alexandra Robbins and write books about young people, so I will try to start noticing new trends among them now and write extensively on my findings later.


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