The Hangover II, the Hill, politicos

Today I saw “The Hangover Part II” with a friend and was pleasantly surprised. It gets off to a slow start but ultimately triumphs. Unfortunately, the movie takes a bit too long to get good. I almost considering walking out, as the first 15 minutes are more depressing than humorous. No one laughed during the first half hour, and the filmmakers tried too hard to make the sequel flow exactly like the first flick.

Some of the scenes cross the line and suffer as a result, so try not to feel disappointed when the jokes simply fail. You’ll also see lots of male private parts, so just be prepared for an explosion of junk. As for the story line, Alan’s character remains the funniest, Stu is the craziest of the group, Doug stays out of trouble this time around, and Phil is the voice of reason. A new member joins the wolf pack, much to the chagrin of territorial Alan.


The actor, who happens to be Ang Lee’s son, is my new celebrity crush. Apparently he’s a senior at NYU as well, so he’s still technically a normal college kid. That’ll change by the end of this weekend, I’m sure.

I loved the movie and would go again, but it’s definitely not as good as its predecessor, which I watched while studying abroad in France two summers ago. I’ll never forget how much the French audience roared with laughter in the fully packed theater. The movie poster was also pretty funny. “The Hangover” makes me miss the desert, as the flick is filmed in Vegas. As much as I love the D.C. humidity right now, I kind of miss feeling like a lizard in Arizona and California, where the sun is stronger.

Earlier this week, I visited Capitol Hill on a rainy day. Standing outside the senate building, I saw Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann in a grassy secluded area. She was being filmed by one woman but alone otherwise, and they both stood in the downpour for about fifteen minutes. Granted, we were beneath trees, which shielded us from the rain to some extent, but it was still kind of funny for me to see a major political figure/potential presidential candidate voluntarily stay in the rain for a long time. She kept a smile on her face even after the cameras stopped rolling. I guess all weather conditions are manageable when you come from the perpetually snowy Midwest.

Because of the thunderstorms, Jessica Alba’s hearing was moved indoors (it was initially supposed to take place at the Senate Swamp outside). I didn’t have my press credentials with me, as I still need to turn in my Congressional press pass application (procrastination kills), but the cops let me in the building because I had my ID and business card.

The police officer was super funny, too. When I handed him my driver’s license, he said, “Laura Elizabeth Donovan. What a beautiful Italian name.”

“Actually, I’m half Irish,” I said. “I don’t have a drop of Italian ancestry in my body.”

“I know, I was joking. You don’t get much more Irish than Donovan,” he said, laughing.

After that, he directed me to the Jessica Alba press conference, which was pretty uneventful aside from the fact that the senate buzzer sounded off during her speech and she went off-script for a few seconds.

Jessica Alba with Sen. Lautenberg



Jessica came to D.C. to promote the Safe Chemicals Act, which is close to her heart as a parent. She also wore heels to the hearing despite the fact that she’s pregnant, so I take my hat off to her for putting style over comfort (as long as it’s not harmful to the baby, that’s fine by me!) She seemed very conscious of her kids’ health, so I’m sure she knew what she was doing.





You can read the article here. I’ll continue to keep my eye open for celebrities visiting the nation’s capitol. In the mean time, I’m rereading “Eat Pray Love” (can’t get enough of it) and working on fun feature-y pieces for XOJane, I will keep my fingers crossed that they accept my work! I’ve had a rough week but am trying not to slip into negativity. The weather is too perfect for that kind of attitude.

Now that we’re on the topic of emotion, I saw John Boehner cry at the Tim Russert Congressional Dinner the other night. The event was a tribute to the Boys and Girls Club, so everyone expected him to weep. At the end of his speech, he said something along the lines of, “They invited me here tonight so you could see me shed some tears.” Too easy!

Last night, I called up a singer in California for one of my stories and had a really good discussion about the Golden State. I always enjoy chatting with people from the west coast, I’m more at ease and don’t feel the need to act so serious. He was funny as well. Towards the end of the interview, he said, “What are you, 18 years old?!?”

“I’m pushing 23, but thanks for thinking I have a young spirit,” I said. “I don’t want to get old.”

“You’re never, ever going to be old, you’ve got that vibe about you,” he said. I sure hope he’s right, even if that means I’m destined for immaturity. I’m the youngest of all my siblings, I’ll always be a little behind everyone else my age. Fine by me.

I’m excited to get back to yoga tomorrow, I haven’t been to the studio in weeks but could really restore my core strength and de-stress a little bit. Hopefully this time I don’t get bruised!


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