Not all Mondays are bad

I had a much needed pick-me-up this afternoon, when I got linked by Jezebel and put on the front page of Yahoo! News. I needed a boost, as I’ve been feeling a little discouraged and uninspired the last couple of weeks. Naturally, one of my linked stories is laced with pessimism and highlights D.C.’s awful dating scene. In terms of shopping around for a significant other, the district isn’t much different from other metro areas. Most men here are out to impress and will do anything to trick you into asking them out. I’ve written up a column on the weirdos I’ve met in D.C., so on the off chance that a publication prints it (I haven’t had much luck, hence I’ve been in sad panda mode for a while), you’ll learn all about my D.C. misadventures and awkward run-ins.

Today, the Washington Post published a feature on First Friday, which is a monthly gathering for young conservatives in the nation’s capital. I’ve only attended once, but I’ll return when I want to feel like D.C. is actually a fairly small city. From now on, I’d like to steer clear of political discussion during happy hour outings, although the Anthony Weiner scandal had a good run. I thought the entire debacle was funny until he cried during today’s press conference speech. He made some terrible decisions, but clearly has issues that must be addressed. I don’t think anyone capable of that kind of behavior should tie the knot. He knew going into his marriage that he had unfaithful tendencies, so it’s unfortunate that he carried on with his playboy habits.

For the past few months, I’ve railed against cheaters of the world. I spent all of 2010 disgusted by Tiger Woods. I told others he couldn’t possibly love his family. While I agree that guys like Woods, Weiner, and Arnold Schwarzenegger make terrible husbands, I feel sorry for them in a sense. I struggled to watch Weiner choke up as he confessed his wrongdoings. Last week’s Wolf Blitzer interview was comical, but no one was laughing today. You can’t be too hard on a weeping man, at least during his moment of authentic vulnerability. He has no excuse for sending dirty pictures to random women and hurting his spouse, but he says he’ll pull through the controversy and remain in office.

Now that he got emotional, Weiner jokes have become humorless. I am, however, quite proud of my article on “Anthony’s Weiners” hot dogs, which are sold in Brooklyn.

On a happier note, I want to make it a point to start blogging about funny emails or online comments I receive. Instead of getting down on myself about criticism, I’ll just laugh off the negativity and be thankful I’ve never had the desire to send an angry email to a stranger. So, take a look at some of the unusual emails and article comments I stumbled upon today:

Email from enraged reader, “And this is suppose to be funny because it has Sarah Palin’s name in it?…DC is nothing more than TMZ…. Too bad…I was hoping DC was going to be a serious news site that could report news that matters with out the creepy skewered titles.”

Boy, do I love all the TMZ comparisons.

Email about Palin, “She possess an ability to bring the sheep to her rallies but offers nothing. I can say this, the democrats will be licking their chops if she is the nominee.”

Ho fo’ sho: Commentator on Weiner, “Weiner is not only and E-hoe, but a hoe hopper to boot.”

YES, “Laura, Do you feel good about posting nonsense like this just so the haters can spew their garbage?”

Some angry commentator wonders how Tina Fey became pregnant, “how did that dog get pregnant?….must have been an immaculate deception she must have posed as a human being, hopefully the child will be fine but its diseased brain dead mother will die in childbirth, at least that way the child might stand a chance of growing normal, its amazing the beeaach closed its mouth long enough to open its legs ….I wonder if Brian from family guy is the father.”

On Meghan McCain, “Ms. McCain is as significant as the fart of an amoeba.”

Because I’d like to keep laughing, I’m going to re-watch the hysterical viral YouTube video of a young woman who has an emotional breakdown during the “Breaking Dawn” trailer. Not everyone can handle parting ways with Edward and Bella:


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