Fixing up Creepshow blog, getting ready for Italy

Thanks to my tech-savvy colleague Brian (who also stars on the “Jersey Shore”), my new Creepshow blog is almost ready to launch! While the existing blogspot creeper site is perfectly acceptable, I want to switch to Tumblr, which is the next big thing, right? My creeper blog itself needs a clearer focus, so I’m going to start fresh and keep the entries simple. You won’t find long-winded posts and stories, just short, to-the-point blurbs. Some posts will be longer than others though, as weirdos tend to be complex and need ample explanation. Case in point: The creeper who bothered me on a Southwest flight a few months ago voluntarily flew from Salt Lake City to D.C. at the end of each week because he was probably too much of an “adult baby” to get his own place on the east coast. Instead of renting an apartment in D.C., he paid hundreds of dollars a week to fly out west so his mother could do his laundry and he could be back at work in the nation’s capital by Monday. Am I making assumptions here? Yes, but what’s sketchier than a stranger who asks you out on an airplane, won’t tell you why he lives in a Marriott, and flies across the country every Thursday?

As I said before, email your creepshow stories and/or pictures my way if you’d like to expose a creeper for who he (or in some cases, she) really is. I can be reached at laura.donovanth AT

In a month, I’m going to Italy! My sister, who is studying in Florence, keeps running into the cast of the “Jersey Shore.” She has literally seen them at least five times. I’m only jealous because I would love to interview them (especially Snooki), but I don’t think my sibling is too happy about seeing them everywhere. Is it pathetic that I hope they’ll still be in Florence when I arrive? Knowing Snooki’s trouble with the law and car accident, the show will be banned from Italy by then. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll cross paths.

Mom and I in Fiesole, Italy, summer 2009!

As promised, here are some weird comments and emails I’ve received for my stories:

On Alec Baldwin possibly running for Weiner’s seat, “Swapping out one Weiner for another.”

Some guy asserting that my DC dating article was not written from personal experience, “Second I have an issue with the ‘compete for attention’ line. I’m not sure if Ms. Donovan has experienced the DC dating scene first hand but I will sum it up to say that if the women here actually did ‘compete’, there would probably be none left single.”

A random Twitter user seemed to think my article on naked therapy means I attend such counseling, “How’s going on with your naked therapy???”

Apparently, my DC dating story is getting passed around all over the city, hooray for connecting with others through traumatic courting experiences! Some of my friends from outside of work have had the piece forwarded to them, so that comforts me in a way. Hopefully everyone will become more aware of the odd dating atmosphere in the district.

I’ve had a tiring but fulfilling week, and tomorrow will surely be amusing as well. Johnny Weir is visiting D.C., so I’m excited to chat with him about his book and ice skating updates. I hope I’m not totally exhausted tomorrow, I overslept this morning and felt guilty all afternoon.

I woke up with a jolt from a nerd nightmare at about 8:00 a.m. I dreamed that environmentalists were going after anyone who introduced electricity and technology to third world countries. The dream itself felt like a horror film! Only dorks think about these kinds of things during sleep. Every once in a while, I write articles and edit The Daily Caller website in my dreams. Maybe I need to start meditating again to clear out my head before going to bed.

My France partner-in-crime Angela sent me this fun French music video/song last night and I haven’t stopped watching the YouTube video since. Even if you don’t speak the language, you’ll appreciate the scenes of Paris and catchy tune:


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