Today’s bizarre emails, online comments

Now that I’ve finally caught up on sleep (and found a remedy for my reoccurring migraines/hangover headaches), I can giggle at some of the insane emails I’ve received and comments from readers. I’ve collected a select few for the creeper blog, which will go live later this week. Stay tuned for that. In the mean time, laugh away here!

Unfair assessment of the Sex and the City cast: “four of the ugliest women on TV. please .. someone put them out to pasture.”

Irate, incoherent reaction to my interview with mom blogger Catherine Connors: “When next you talk to Katherine Connor, tell her for me to mind her damn business. Everybody’s got an opinion these days. By the way…who the hell ask for hers..?”

Response to Hugh Hefner’s fiance bailing on the wedding: “I feel so sorry for the aging dirty old pervert. This was his last chance before catching the late train to hades. Have a great eternity, pervert!”

I don’t totally understand this: “i always thought that D-baggers were the democrat equivalent to the T-baggers.”

On dating in D.C.

“I think the gist of this is that most guys in DC are douchebags.”

“Washington DC is one of the most liberal cities in the world. Who wants to date a liberal NAG bitch any way?”

“Well if theyre from DC then theyre from another planet….aliens….everybody knows DC isnt part of the US and is infested with rats and theives…the founders would burn it down if they saw it today…so who in their right mind wants a clone of hillary or that speaker we just got rid of…forgot her name…”

“If you saw the women walking around GW University in DC, you would run away too.”

Since Huma Abedin is TOTALLY at fault for her husband’s behavior: “The problem with DC women is so bad that even married Congressmen are taking to twitter and the intrernet with pictures of their crotches and their naked torsos. Hell, President Clinton had it so bad with his DC gal, he just went straight to the intern route.”


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