Creepshow Watch blog live

I’ve come to a few conclusions since launching my new and improved Creepshow Watch blog, which compiles my awkward and unwanted exchanges with others (I’m also taking stories from friends and readers, so if you have any hilarious creeper experiences to share, email them my way at laura.donovanth AT

What have I learned? I meet the majority of my creepers in three places:

1. At airports
2. At the grocery store (more specifically, Trader Joe’s)
3. At a bar or club

Number three isn’t much of a surprise, but the first two don’t seem like creeper hotspots, right? I don’t really mingle with new people at bars or clubs anymore as a result of being chased through Tucson’s Cactus Moon by a psycho dancing machine in 2009, but I can’t avoid airports if I want to go places! The trick here is to wear headphones and read throughout the entire flight experience. As for grocery shops, I can always wear sunglasses.

Send your creeper stories my way if you please, I have plenty more coming!


2 thoughts on “Creepshow Watch blog live

  1. I know you’re young, so I’ll be nice and just offer advice:
    NOBODY likes hearing ANY girl talk about how much dudes chase them. Even the hot ones. You got the AC bump. Use it wisely.

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