Today’s insane emails, Creeper depression

Earlier today, one of my friends said he doesn’t enjoy my new creeper blog because it’s simply too depressing to read.

“I just get sad that these perverts send this stuff out like it’s okay,” he said.

I created the Creepshow blog with the intention of making others laugh, not to bring people down! It’s supposed to be funny, but some just don’t view it in a light manner. My family has expressed a similar concern. Several of my immediate family members have complained that my articles are too negative (they said the same thing about David Sedaris’s essays), but I guess we have a different sense of humor. As one of my creative writing professors once said, “The saddest things in life are also funny.”

With that, I apologize if the Creeper blog leaves you feeling unsettled, but try not to get upset. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my creeper stories, even if they weren’t so hilarious back when I was first getting bothered! Just remember that I’m laughing at all the entries, especially those submitted by readers.

On that note, here are some of the odd emails and comments I’ve received from readers today. Hopefully you get as much amusement out of these as I did!

On my Michele Bachmann piece: “Thank you for reminding me how civil gays who don’t get their way are. So anyone who doesn’t support them in their eyes deserves an assault so free speech is just that so long as you agree with their exact position. Anything less gets you branded a ‘phobe’ of some sort…I hope this lunatic rots in prison. Don’t like the law? Legislate, don’t assault. Liberals are the same ilk who always preech peace and love yet their disagreements and tactics are violent. The ultimate hypocrisy. Don’t kill terrorists, that’s wrong, but don’t see eye to eye with me? Totally cool to assault. That’s the gay position and your article is reason #1 they will never be accepted until they themselves become civil. I’m hated to, rather than rush to Michaels for some glitter, I’ll just avoid Berkeley.”

Ramblings of a furious man: “Yahoo posted an article around 1910 EST, if you are the person who wrote this…why? What purpose and intent are you driving to having to write smut such as this?
This is probably the lamest article I have EVER seen… you so-called writers are pathetic.”

On Jay Carney: “Carney looks like the kind of guy that the only sport he participated in was baton twirling….what an idiot!”

I’d really like to receive a coherent message for a change. Sometimes I just don’t know what any of these folks are trying to say!


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