Meeting Candace Bushnell, getting ready for Italy

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet and interview “Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell during her D.C. book tour stop. I took one of the star interns along for the sit-down chat, which was actually the first private interview Bushnell has done since 2005. As a huge fan of the television series (“Sex and the City” is one of two shows I will watch) and books, I was thrilled to talk to the writer, who was energetic, free-spirited, young at heart, approachable, and down-to-earth.

As I’ve said before, it would be great if celebrities came to D.C. more often, but the benefit of covering entertainment in the nation’s capital is minimal competition for celeb stories. Every time I go to an event that features actors or actresses, a lot of the reporters seem to resent being there. Meanwhile, I can barely contain my excitement. That was the case when I talked to Bushnell, whose new book “Summer and the City” follows young Carrie Bradshaw’s journey to becoming a big-time New York City writer. In the novel, we learn that Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t always Carrie Bradshaw. She started off as an insecure country bumpkin who wasn’t so sure she’d make it in writing school, let alone journalism. But we all know her character has a fulfilling life ahead.

Though I hate to be too boastful, I try really hard to appear younger than 22, so I was really happy when Ms. Bushnell said I look young enough to be an intern. That’s what I aim for and here’s why.

“You can catch people off guard, and they wouldn’t know you were interviewing them,” she said.

This is partly why I really want to follow the path of an entertainment reporter. I don’t think anyone expects it of me, so I’ve had an easier time interviewing others as a result. The other day, a colleague said I demonstrate “child-like, but not childish, enthusiasm,” so hopefully all of this continues working in my favor! I’m not ashamed to admit that I’d have a ball chasing down A-listers as a New York Post reporter someday! For now, I still need to work on my pushiness.

As it turns out, I’m most aggressive when dealing with doctors. I feel bad for anyone who has to treat me. The other day, I called up a D.C. foot doctor to schedule an X-ray appointment. When the receptionist said I couldn’t see anyone for at least another week, I explained that my toe bone is probably broken and that it feels like shards of glass are buried in my left foot. With that, she booked me for Friday, my day off.

Unfortunately, I have a bad history with medical professionals. In high school, I sat beneath something similar to a CT scan and had to go through two different doctors for the procedure because the first lost her patience with me. To be fair, I was 17 years old, claustrophobic, and hyperventilating, so it only made me feel worse when the woman got mad at me for botching the exam. Two months ago, I paid a visit to the eye doctor office, where I had the vasovagal response and fainted. Speaking of which, I still need to return to the optometrist for my astigmatism, so hopefully I don’t pass out this time!

Friday should be better all around. For now, I’m nine days away from traveling to Florence, Italy. This will be my first real vacation as a working woman, so I know I’ll appreciate this trip a lot. Though I went to Europe during college, I didn’t realize the value of free time. Now that I do, I can really take advantage of my break from work. But, knowing me, I’ll be antsy to write stories the whole time! Fingers crossed my sister and mom will hide my Blackberry.


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