Bad Teacher, poor planning

How did I manage to forget that I’m leaving Europe on Thursday? For some reason, I thought my departure date was this Friday, but I guess I’m taking off earlier than expected. Packing and planning are in order.

Yesterday, I went with a friend to see “Bad Teacher” in Georgetown. At the beginning of the movie, the main character is completely unlikable because she’s disrespectful to her students and friendly colleagues, obsessed with money, shallow, and miserable. It’s a reach to believe she transforms into a decent human being at the end of the film, but she does, and you root for her after she tells one of her suck-up students to stop dressing like she’s running for Congress. One teacher in particular is a neurotic busybody and you’ll eventually want her to go down rather than Cameron Diaz’s “I hate everything and everyone” character.

I’m more than a little disappointed that I can’t do yoga for several weeks. It’s one of the few physical activities I am good at besides running and rock climbing, so I’m worried I’ll lose my mind during my off-period. The doctor specifically said to avoid yoga because of its poses, so perhaps I’ll pick up a new hobby when I return from Italy. Last night, I dreamed that I wanted to paint lakes the way Monet painted gardens and water, so I can perhaps take a dip into the art world.

Of course, I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Renoir, as his work was a little more substantive and I visited his home in the south of France.

During a financial crisis, one of my good friends joked that she wanted to take up painting and sell her art on eBay. Maybe we can put our heads together, create something mediocre halfway decent, put it online, and split the proceeds. Anything for extra cash.

Or we’ll turn out like the emo high school girl in “Not Another Teen Movie”:


One thought on “Bad Teacher, poor planning

  1. It does have some chuckles but there are just way too many punch lines that fall flat on their faces and not enough of Jason Segel’s effortless hilarity to balance out everything else that’s trying too hard. ‘Bad Teacher’ had the potential for greatness but ended up being pretty forgettable. Good Review! Check out mine when you can please!

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