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Crazy commentators make the world go round. Here is a compilation of the most hysterical angry tweets I’ve received this week:

1. After I tweeted that I loved 90s Nickelodeon shows, a random Twitter user said to me, “‘who LOVES Orange Soda.’ Come on love, you were 30 in the 90s, don’t try and blend in ya melt.”

2. When I said Katy Perry has more class than Lady Gaga, an enraged Twitter user wrote, “No need to bring Lady Gaga into that was there? You only did it so you could have a little bitch..”

3. After I published an article about Track Palin’s WIFE announcing her pregnancy, a furious Twitter user tweeted, “He’s a vet & you gave ammo to attack his wife as slut.”

On that note, here are some fun stories I’ve written recently:

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