‘All That,’ rotten food, ‘Good Burger’

A month ago, I realized I’m in desperate need of a television. Though I dislike every network’s current line-up of shows (R.I.P “Gilmore Girls,” “Arrested Development,” and “Lost”), I could really use some cable right now.

Nickelodeon recently started replaying some of its popular 90s sitcoms for the midnight- 2:00 a.m. time slot, so I’ve been missing out on my favorite slapstick comedy programs. Growing up, I loved everything about “All That,” a kid’s version of “Saturday Night Live.” The young comedians were over the top, loud, and unabashedly silly, so it’s a shame their talents didn’t transfer over into adulthood. Kenan Thompson ended up on “SNL,” but he wasn’t half as funny as Kel Mitchell, who peaked at “Good Burger.” Josh Server, one of the longest running “All That” cast members, apparently works in investing now. He was hysterical on “All That,” where he often played females.

Though I haven’t had the chance to see “All That” on an actual TV for the past 16 years, I still can’t help but laugh at its humorous, uninhibited skits. Who could forget Kel’s obsession with orange soda? Perhaps that explains his post- “All That” downfall. Some friends have speculated that Kel must have been high throughout the making of “All That,” but what difference would it make? He’s the reason I laughed incessantly as a child. For that, I’m extremely grateful. Because I never lost my immature sense of humor, I still crack up at Kel’s idiotic “Jupiter!” parrot character:

Josh Server was brilliant, too:

Nothing beats Coach Cretin:

Cue to 4:00:

When all else fails to make me laugh, “Good Burger” does the trick:

“Look, I’m grape nose boy!”
“What’s wrong? Were you bitten by a sheep?”
“Chickens do NOT MOO!”
“There is no way a guy can watch his own butt!”

My current roommate and I are in the process of moving out of our apartment, so we’ve been purging the kitchen of old food. Today, we found some rotten potatoes, which have developed bizarre growths:

Note to self: Only purchase preservatives from now on.


3 thoughts on “‘All That,’ rotten food, ‘Good Burger’

  1. Re: “Only purchase preservatives from now on.” …. What? No!

    Potatoes look like that when you leave them alone for too long. They’re sprouting. Not as gross as an apple may have looked if you left it as long as you likely did the potatoes, haha. But they’re perfectly safe to eat once you cut out the sprouts.

  2. Haha we did eat the potatoes last night. My roomie made soup and I haven’t died yet, so I guess the potatoes weren’t too dangerous to consume. She cut off the sprouts beforehand.

  3. kel you want to no somthin funny right now im watchin allthat right now and i love your movie good burger i first saw it while i was bradin my friends hair and i kept sayin what you said in the movie welcome to good burger home of the good burger may i take your order lol that was good timesif you do get a chance could you ask nickalodeon to play that movie on 90’s nick that would really be great your biggest fan a**** l******* h***those stars aren’t bad words its just i dont want pleople noing my name sorry bt still big fan

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