I’m not sure what’s weirder: That people Google searched the nonsensical, bizarre terms below or that they ended up at my blog as a result. Maybe that should tell me something about the nature of my goofy posts.

Either way, here are some of the unusual key words Internet users typed into Google before winding up at this blog:

cheesy jokes to cheer someone up
hottest women to jerk off to
daughter beach 11 my thong
nightuot getin slap
for my friend i became a creeper
eat me bad teacher
garfield 2 dumbo
Она — мужчина
could a homeless person live at airport
embarrassed dumbo elephant
она мужчина
converse stilettos
renoir het bad
lonely emo girl widh a conversse
laura donovan chipotle phone
dont go to the doctor
why the back laws not remain?
tea sorry
is there a fraternity living at campus walk condos in tucson az
air force themed cupcakes
baby dumbo
bad teacher playing toe
bad teacher feet
bubble tea background powerpoint
fusion bubble drink
i need something to wright about
if the seam of my rainbow sandals come off what happens?
england boarding schools like hogwarts
i don’t go to the doctor
hogwarts interior
arizona frat guys
laura yuck
outside television laura donovan
laura donovan creeper blog
chicks cum (WTF?)
i need a foot doctor
my pinkish blackberry with starbucks
new friends
advantages of american idol