Today in crazy commenters, Google search terms

I’m surprised it’s not Monday, as everything today seemed to go wrong (with the exception of landing my new apartment). In all seriousness, I’m hypersensitive to unnecessary bickering at the moment, so hopefully I’ll have a different reaction when this happens again in the future.

My chest may be burning up with emotion, but I haven’t lost my ability to laugh at crazies. Check out some of the odd comments people have left on my articles and slideshows:

1. On my Rihanna slideshow, “Don’t share your opnion about her looks!” I only have one statement for this guy: I’m unashamed of my girl crushes.

2. Someone got upset that I made fun of that preachy show “7th Heaven”: “So Laura, you just couldn’t pass up the chance to mock Christianity in your last sentence. The snide comment had nothing to do with the story. Jerk.”

3. Commenter responds to my Ke$ha slideshow, “she does clean up pretty nice. you two would make a cute couple:)”

4. Tweet from random guy, “When are you finally going to meet Ke$ha and her glitter a$$? Love her song ‘Grow a Pear.’…GET IT?!? GROW A PAIR, HAH!”

Here are some of the bizarre Google search terms people used to arrive at my blog today:
“emma stone” “arm strength”
laura sticky nikki lil bit webcams
saucisson core 13
she’s a man
jamie lynn spears rare pics

Sunday’s round-up of Google search term post was funnier, but cut me some slack this afternoon. I promise to restore my cheerful self by tomorrow night, when Crystal gets to D.C. Until then, I’ll keep this “Good Burger” clip on repeat:


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