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The laughs just never stop. Here are some of the bat-shit crazy Google terms that Internet users have searched over the past few days to arrive at my blog:

http://*:*@www”jerkoffinstructors (WTF????)
negative boastfulness
police themed cupcakes
boy who works at good burger
laura donovan compactor
naked frat roomies
inurl:2011/06 “leave a response” studyabroad
girls friends
mean girls gif the plastics
kel loves orange soda
pig blood
brother jed daughter pregnant 3
only need glasses

For some awesome Daily Caller stories and slideshows, check out these links:
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‘Desperate Housewives’ to end – Laura Donovan
Levi Johnston’s sister: ‘Promiscuous’ Bristol Palin ‘planned’ pregnancy – Laura Donovan
SLIDESHOW: Minka Kelly – Laura Donovan

Knock yourself out, y’all.