This week in weird search terms, commenters: ‘pictures of dumbos name’

Keeping with my tradition of publishing the oddest string of words Internet users have Google searched to arrive at my blog, here are this week’s winning search terms (the findings include my study abroad blog results too, by the way):

pictures of dumbos name
good good burger
what means pick me
ايكل جاكسون
summer vacation in france gym membership
is it cold in paris this week june 2009
evan lisull work ethic (haha, oh Evan)
decapitation on the paris metro
miss nude
parisians can’t smile
hg wells ua eng other 029 night city
disease jail
tiramisu meaning sex
why is there no starbucks in cannes
grocery aisle +trick or treat
trunchbull matilda gif
“she’s a man”
romance her son’s co-worker
romance son’s co-worker (was a cougar digging around for seduction pointers online? Seems likely)
laura donovan creepers blog (damn straight)
sarah palin’s cup size
leigi muy

Now that we’re off the topic of weird search terms, here are the bizarre comments people left on some of my recent articles:

1. Am I supposed to be sorry about this? “Laura, you wrote that article like a tabloid gossip magazine would. Too bad…”

2. Since I’m a stalwart political writer and all… “Yes, Laura Donovan, ‘designated Sarah Palin dig up everything’ reporter for The Daily Caller. Sure glad you had to include that douche bag, Joe McGuinniss in the story. That sewer dwelling piece of crap who lurked next door to the Palins as he wrote his smear book about her.”

3. Kanye West doesn’t ring a bell for this livid reader: “Who the f**k is kany west, one of those female ‘bunny’ (hippity-hoppity) singers?”

4. Kanye hater #2 is even angrier: “We understand. Your a doped up drunken IDIOT. Your mind is full of crap from some band of dufus radical anti-If-you-ain’t-like-me group of dweebs. You will learn how stupid your youthful crap is IF you live long enough to become an ‘adult’ …But like most of the money flushed druggies you will never live that long…..”

5. The only girl in the world who isn’t repulsed by Levi Johnston, the prick baby daddy of Bristol Palin: “I still would not mind a piece of Levi YUMMY!”

6. Creeper who disliked my Minka Kelly slideshow: “as if we needed another slut in America. Regards, Chuck(le) P.S. If she do a Vienaesse Oyster, she can get a job at Diamond Jim’s in Denver.”

You can find some of the latest Daily Caller articles here:
Justin Bieber tells fans to put God above all else
Report: Track Palin, wife welcome baby girl
Julianne Moore to attend National Book Festival
Gavin DeGraw attacked in NYC
Did Rep. Barney Frank fart on live TV?


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