‘The Change-Up,’ ‘Horrible Bosses,’ and other horrendous movie titles

These days, it’s pretty easy to release a mediocre or awful film. Positive movie reviews are so rare that most people don’t even bother scanning film critic sites before splurging on a new movie at the theater. Our expectations are all around pretty low, but we’ve come to terms with the state of awfulness in the film industry.

Regardless, I’d appreciate it if directors and screenwriters would make an attempt to come up with clever, memorable, or poignant movie titles. Producers have exhausted and recycled all plot lines known to man, so the least these top dogs can do is give us a movie title that stands out. If you can’t even put your heart into the name, which could make or break a viewer’s decision to watch the movie, what makes you think you deserve to top the box office charts?

Here are some recent pathetically named movies that have turned me off to the projects altogether:

1. “The Change-Up,” which is the man’s version of “Freaky Friday.” Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds’ characters wish for the other person’s life and switch bodies as a result.

2. “Crazy Stupid Love” is bothersome in so many ways, its emo title is just a minor annoyance.

3.”Horrible Bosses” implies plenty upfront, but still seems void of the necessary pent-up anger that goes with the theme. The dark comedy follows the lives of a handful of guys who despise their superiors at work so much that they want to kill the men (and perverted woman played by Jennifer Aniston) in power.

4. It’s enough of a problem that “Friends with Benefits” was put together at all, but particularly alarming that it’s so poorly titled. If you’re planning to scrape the bottom of the barrel, go all out with the bawdiness. Why not call the movie “Fuck Buddies” if you’re already racing down that ridiculous, regressive path? Do it right or simply pass on putting out a dreaful comedy with a curly-haired asshole as the male lead.

Attention cinema connoisseurs: When did Hollywood writers get so lazy about project titles? Do they even get excited about their own productions anymore?


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