So much for summer heat

August in the nation’s capital is supposed to be sticky and humid, but the city isn’t toasty enough for me anymore. After blistering hot June and July, most D.C. residents are relieved to experience cooler weather, but I miss the intense warmth of the sun. Summer is simply too short.

On Sunday, I had a bad dream that my bed was surrounded by snow. Though I dread winter, I can’t complain about all aspects of the season. When November rolls around, I’ll have an excuse to watch one of my favorite childhood comedies, “Home Alone,” which slays me to this day. Joe Pesci’s hostile, temperamental character keeps me laughing all throughout the film. Daniel Stern, who portrays the tall side-kick robber, lets out an unforgettable shrill squeal and paints a nice portrait of a dopey felon. Macaulay Culkin is a dramatic screamer and exceptional child actor.

Kevin in "Home Alone"
"We're the Wet Bandits!"

I last saw “Home Alone” on Christmas Eve with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephews. Every few minutes, I’d crack up, prompting 4-year-old Sawyer to ask, “Do you want to have this movie?”

“I already own it,” I said shamelessly.

If I have to say farewell to summer, which is my favorite time of year, I may as well prepare for Christmastime. I’m not totally ready for it yet, but at least I have something new to get pumped about.

It’s only Tuesday, but I’ve had a wild week thus far. Everyday, I infuriate strangers, and unlike political pundits on both sides of the political spectrum, I don’t set out to offend. I’m merely unafraid to show off my work, which many find objectionable. If you’d like to see some of my latest articles that have gotten me into hot water, click the following links:
Awkward food moments [SLIDESHOW] (includes snapshots of Bachmann eating a corndog in a suggestive manner)
‘Plus 8’ canceled: Jon Gosselin ‘very relieved,’ Kat says ‘scary!!!!’
‘Sex and the City’ stylist: I could ‘enhance’ Michelle Obama’s style

Here are some of the funny and shockingly reasonable comments that people wrote about the aforementioned stories. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who sided with me, so that definitely put me in good spirits:

1. Finally someone who takes entertainment pieces for what they are: “*Insert angry comment about “this isn’t news, the DC is so low-brow, blah, blah even though this is in the ENTERTAINMENT section, you know, like newspapers have” here*”

2. To answer your question, nope, I have no intention of ever embracing adulthood: “Laura — will you please grow up? Honestly, get some pride and stop writing about this superficial, simple-minded, leering stuff for your frat boy masters.”

3. Another sage comes to my defense: “LOL reading the comments. Soooo….is it wrong for a website to have an entertainment section. And if you don’t like the entertainment articles, why do you read them and then even take the time to make a post about it. Clue-Less comes to mind and being offended by it is childish. Skip it and move along.”

4. Keep ’em coming! “If you don’t like the site content – leave. Go to another site that suits your “intellect”. No one forces you to sign into this site.”

For those of you who would like to conclude your evening with laughter, check out the funniest Google phrases that Internet users searched earlier today to arrive at my blog:

rotten food
phobia of stinkbugs
thank you colleague for my birthday
friendly compliments
writing at the airport
going with
chioma diary of paris blog summer
where does sarah palin live (who the Hell knows???)
oral sex (???)
Она мужчина
anti zuckenberg
express chilly weather
lillaurenashley follows
oreos paris
bad things about paris
8 more days till i’m 20 in french
blog about ua soriety’s
she’s the men
study abroad foreign guys love american girls
how bad summer paris
jessica hair in crazy stupid love
marine homes decor
justin berfield is nice in real life
paris rifle tower
hangover fil


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