UA reunion, being doomed for Metro Hell

Two weeks ago, I mourned the loss of summer. Nikki returned to Reno, the weather cooled down, and all my new friends fled D.C. Thursday was like a dagger to the heart because the last of the interns finished up at TheDC, so I thought the transitional month of August couldn’t be more disruptive.

Last night was a good boost from all the uncertainty. I got together with a few University of Arizona friends for drinks, dinner, bar hopping, and nostalgic purposes. It’s truly amazing that the five of us moved to the same spot across the country, especially considering the sluggish pace and Zen culture of Tucson. There’s no question that we miss the southern Arizona mentality and lifestyle, which we abandoned for better employment opportunities in D.C. Though I’d love to divorce myself from college as much as possible, I’m very lucky to have my classmates and old friends in the area. That way, I won’t forget my pre-Washington self.

UofA campus

I also had the chance to meet non-UA folks, all of whom were very sweet, well educated, and fun. Later on in the evening, one of the girls ran off to dance with a fabulous young man from San Francisco. He quickly waved me over, screamed, and gave me a big hug. We couldn’t contain our excitement when we found out we’re both from the bay area, although he metaphorically slapped my wrist for saying I’m a San Franciscan. I’m from the Santa Cruz area, Scotts Valley to be exact, but San Fran is more likely to ring a bell than either of those locations, so I stretch the truth on this side of the country and say I hail from San Francisco to avoid confusion.

After chatting with Luis, I know to be more careful next time! The truth shall set you free!


When one door closes, several more open. Nikki may have said farewell to D.C. earlier this month, but Joey, who I’ve known since the first week of freshman year at UA, just relocated to the nation’s capital to study business at GWU. We met in the College Republicans club as freshmen, back when we both pined for our home state of California and hadn’t yet acclimated to college life. He ended up joining my favorite fraternity, so I spent lots of time at the K.A. house. It’s great to have an old pal in this new, disorienting place.

Joey went out a lot more than I did back in school, so he knows how to assist people in bad conditions. Last night, I hurled onto the metro platform in front of dozens of passengers who had just boarded the train. I got sick before the car doors closed, giving the poor saps a perfect view of my inebriated state at its worst. Joey got me some towels, but I was pretty embarrassed. When I fall ill, I prefer to be alone and not put others through any trouble, but he wasn’t going to leave me stranded.

I lost control again after we boarded the train. If there’s such a thing as Metro Hell, I’m fated to end up there for throwing up inside the train and on the platform. I wiped down the floor with some newspapers but was pretty useless all around. Joey is a good friend for sticking around and offering me a hug while I was covered in sweat and reeked of vomit. I could really benefit from an iron stomach, which he and the majority of my buddies have acquired after years of adventure.

Now that I’m through regaling you about my low tolerance evening, here are some of the weirdest search terms that people Googled to arrive at my blog today. These will surely crack you up:

virginia hicks online dating
angela gross arch enemy
instruct me to jerk off please
iced drinks
“natural redhead” pubic
dreamstreet it’s happen every time
how to make thank you cards
weird pictures of the week
bubble tea powerpoint background
middle aged
laura donovan speach


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