‘You wear such stimulating, inspiring colors’

Since moving to D.C. last year, I’ve been cautious of strangers who approach me. I attribute this distrust to some of my earlier misadventures in Washington, where seemingly normal passersby only struck up conversation because they wanted something from me. With that, I chose to keep my guard up around randoms.

Not all strangers are self-serving. As I waited by the Falls Church metro entrance on Friday (note: ALL THE WEIRDOS I MEET HANG OUT AT METRO STATIONS), a stout, toothless woman tapped my arm.

“Excuse me, young lady,” she said. “I just wanted to tell you that your color assortment is incredible. You wear such stimulating, inspiring colors and you glow. I never see anything like that around here, but it’s wonderful.”

Here’s the exact outfit to which she referred:

Multicolored skirt, bright blue sandals, lime green scarf, dangling teal earrings
Jumpin' around with Luis!

For a moment, I just laughed off the comment, turned to Joey, and said, “Oh, the metro! You need to get used to quirky folks now that you live in D.C.!” Regardless, it was genuinely sweet of the woman to compliment my clothing choice. It’s rare for someone to admire my fashion, so I appreciate when someone takes notice of my summer themed attire. As long as I wear ice cream colored sundresses, skirts, tank tops, shoes, and t-shirts, I’ll never look like a true grown-up, but that’s not me anyway. I’m always honored when people mistake me for a college student, so hopefully that’ll continue to happen until I’m 30!

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To hear my latest Clash Radio appearance, click here, go to the 8-19-11 download, and cue the clip up to 27:00. I talk about the “Jersey Shore” academic conference and French children’s lingerie line.


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