RIP, compy

My laptop is in its final stretch of life right now. The battery has quit functioning, and before you know it, the computer itself will fail to turn on. Thanks to my work laptop and personal iPad, I may not need to replace my current device after it shuts down permanently. Regardless, this isn’t ideal. I’ve only had my PC since January 2009, when my other Toshiba computer unexpectedly kicked the bucket. Before that, I inherited my mom’s Compaq laptop, which died during my freshman year of at the University of Arizona. There were several more family desktops that perished prior to that.

During Crystal’s recent D.C. visit, she was just about to send an email on my PC when it abruptly powered off. She then turned to me and said, “Laura, I’ve never met anyone who has such horrible luck with technology. Your laptops are always just short of bursting into flames or exploding!”

This is true, so I need to start saving my folders and pictures onto a disk or something. I wouldn’t want my files to meet their demise along with my PC.

My laptop during college, a.k.a the computer's glory days!

Hopefully, this laptop can finish out 2011 with me. In the meantime, I’ll think about stopping by Best Buy for a new battery, although I won’t be going anywhere on Saturday. Hurricane Irene is supposed to strike the east coast then. This next week is nothing short of Hell, as I have to make a million phone calls, pack up, buy boxes, and clean my apartment before the big move. Tuesday can’t get here fast enough!

Moving on to a happier topic: Today, TheDC published my fun story on the silly “Baby Palin” attribution that is unfairly thrust upon many young conservative women. Jezebel linked to it, so that put me in good spirits. I also made a slideshow of “Mad Men” bombshell January Jones, who appears to be a charming, down-to-earth lady.

Tucsonans and University of Arizona students/alumni would probably like my colleague Steven Nelson’s piece about a potential challenger to Gabrielle Giffords. My co-worker Alex Pappas also did a great write-up of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s Reagan Library appearance, where the conservative politician cast down rumors that he’ll seek vice presidency. Soak it all up, and don’t forget to check out The Daily Caller website on a regular basis.

This afternoon, I broke down and made a hair appointment for myself, so I’ll have shortened, lighter locks by Friday. Earlier today, I complained that I need a “resident female” at all times to help me choose my outfits, set up salon appointments, purchase a TV for once and for all…

I may be career-oriented, but boy am I useless at all things domestic and grown-up. I channel the man-boys from “Stepbrothers” when they visit therapists and ask questions like, “CAN YOU put clothing in the dishwasher? How do you dress in bad weather? Do I carry my high school diploma around with me?”


This evening, I stumbled upon some unsettling news on FishbowlDC. My former American University professor, John DeDakis’s son has gone missing. DeDakis, a CNN editor, was my mentor while I interned in D.C. three summers ago. When I graduated college and moved back to the district, he gave me excellent career advice and assisted me in finding a job. We soon figured out that he’d started working at CNN on my exact date of birth, so it became clear that we were meant to be friends.

It broke my heart to learn that John’s son had disappeared. John has experienced a fair amount of adversity in life, so I hope and pray that Stephen returns home safely as soon as possible. If you’d like to join the search team in some way, visit the Facebook page. This is what Stephen looks like:


5 thoughts on “RIP, compy

  1. Tony Kornheiser (of ESPN fame) lives on the street where they found Stephen’s body. He talked about returning to Maryland before Irene hit, and noticing the car parked on the corner of the street. The only reason it stood out to him was because the window was rolled down– Stephen was not visible from across the street. A few days passed and the owner of the home finally went out to try and roll the window up. That’s when he or she found Stephen. I’m uploading the audio to YouTube if you’d like to listen. It’s very sad that nobody noticed him sooner.

    1. Hey Laura, it really is terrible. I’m still not sure if Tony knows who was in the car– he seemed too taken aback to push for details, and he didn’t mention it on the show yesterday. Tony has written for The Washington Post (among other places), so I wouldn’t be surprised if he at least knows of the DeDakis family. It will be interesting to see how the story develops. You can listen to the story here:

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