Hurricane Irene, Hilary Duff, and me

Ten years ago, 13-year-old Hilary Duff unknowingly helped me survive junior high. Though she had her annoying moments (i.e. dating my former fiance, Frankie Muniz), Duff perfected the adorable, awkward role of Lizzie McGuire on the hit Disney show.

"I just got humiliated, WAAAAAAHHH!"

A decade later, Duff is married, expecting a baby, and ten steps ahead of me as an adult, but she still has my back. The 23-year-old Texan, who just celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary to husband Mike Comrie, got me through the non-story that was Hurricane Irene.

Yesterday morning, I downloaded Netflix’s month-long free trial, which gives temporary users access to television shows and really shitty films. Because I’m still without a TV and have been roommate-less for the last month, the loneliness became unbearable last night, when the tropical storm actually started to freak me out. To keep my cool, I turned on my iPad and searched through the free Netflix movie selection. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much to choose from. My best bets were “According to Greta” and “Beauty & the Briefcase,” both starring none other than Duff herself, so I decided to check those out.

“According to Greta” is a poor man’s version of Lindsay Lohan’s 2007 flop “Georgia Rule,” yet Duff remains a calming presence. Like Miley Cyrus in “The Last Song,” southern belle Duff isn’t so good at depicting a bitter teen. These actresses weren’t given exceptional scripts to work with, but there’s nothing resentful or angry about either of them, so I don’t totally understand the casting behind these flicks. Nevertheless, Duff maintains her charm, even though she’s not as smooth as Lohan’s similar character in “Georgia Rule.”

ABC Family original movie, “Beauty & the Briefcase” is a little better, although it’s a horrendous knock-off of “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Duff plays an aspiring young New York City journalist who poses as a businesswoman for a Cosmo story. The plot is weak, yet anything related to the Concrete Jungle puts a smile on my face (with the exception of Irene, but I’ll return to that shortly). Chris Carmack, who many remember as douchebag bro extraordinaire Luke in “The O.C.”, plays a British bombshell in “Beauty & the Briefcase.” Seriously, could the producers have picked a worse person to portray a British character? Couldn’t they have hired a cheap novice U.K. actor? Oh well.

As the sky turned electric green last night, Duff’s films kept me company. I have two days left before moving in with my new roommate (HI MONIQUE!), so until then, I have D-list rom-coms to keep my heart rate low. Hilary Duff, you did it again! For the next tropical storm, I’ll rent “Material Girls“!


5 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene, Hilary Duff, and me

  1. have you seen Hilary in a fairly recent movie called “bloodworth?’ I was really impressed by her performance. An 180 believable turn from Lizzie. I’d say she’s a much better actress than Lindsay after seeing it. I hate to admit it but Iwas a Linsay fan during the MG era. But I though she dated the bro of a backstreet boy, not Malcolm.. Back to films, I noticed Hilary seems to be steering to indies which is cool. The best movies are not mainstream, imo, not backed by big studios. I hate monotonous plots and I thoroughly enjoyed all the actors. The script is one of the better movies, too. I dl’ it from itunes and don’t think it’s on Netflix but I highly rec it.

      1. Hilary did date Malcolm as well as Aaron Carter, but both of those flings happened a long time ago. I’ll have to check out “Bloodworth,” which I’ve heard a lot about. She never lost her cuteness. Thanks for the rec!

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