Laura, the good news bear

As new outlets everywhere try to convince you that you’re going to meet your demise in the hurricane, I’m here to provide some GOOD NEWS. I know most of you enjoy the captivation of natural disasters, but the sense of impending doom is unsettling, discouraging, and to an extent unnecessary. The widespread paranoia needs to end now. While you should certainly prepare for power outages and transportation delays, there’s no reason for any of you to lose sleep over this.

So, rather than suffer from heart palpitations and cling to your flashlight, read some of the positive news stories below:

The city remains tireless: Hurricane Irene doesn’t stop NYC shoppers from shopping
D.C. better than NYC for once: D.C. metro resumes service as normal in spite of hurricane 
Hip grandpa Cheney: Former VP uses the Jonas Brothers to impress his grandkids
Dog-eat-dog world: Cheney’s dog banned from Camp David lodge for attacking Bush’s dog
Guess who? Another celebrity accepts invitation to Marine Corps Ball
That’s hot: Jeff Bridges to play Victoria’s Secret model? Sort of
This needs to happen more often: Alice Cooper raves about Ke$ha
Politician visits the best coast: Sen. Marco Rubio speaks at Reagan Library

Knock on wood, I won’t lose power in my northern Virginia home tonight. If you don’t see a new tweet from me within the next 24 hours, just go ahead and assume the worst. Television reporters would want you to react that way.


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