Apparently I’m a painter in Minnesota

Of all places, my friend Scott found this at the Minnesota State Fair over the weekend:

That’s definitely not mine, but coincidentally I’ve been experimenting with painting lately. My only finished product, a painting of a bedroom, is too amateurish to post online, but I showed Crystal during her D.C. visit. After laughing for ten minutes, she said it looked like something we would have made twenty years ago. So true!

When I move into my new place, I’ll paint Nikki that fruit bowl portrait I promised her (still haven’t forgotten!). Speaking of the move: Monique and I need furniture. The only thing I have in my name is a coffee table. To be fair, I also have an air mattress. If you can think of any cheap furniture outlets or stores, tell me what you know.

If you’ve checked out my blog before, you’re probably aware that I dedicate at least a paragraph of each post to comparing D.C. to N.Y.C., but this particular entry is the first to put the nation’s capital ahead of the Big Apple. While the N.Y.C. train system ultimately operates more hours than the D.C. metro, I was rather impressed by the way the district dealt with tropical storm Irene. Unlike N.Y.C., we didn’t shut down public transportation. Of course, N.Y.C. seemed to have been hit harder than D.C., but you’d think the best city in the world could toughen up and work around the crisis. New York is a hub for bad weather, so I remain underwhelmed by the state’s handling of Irene. For once, I was happy to be in D.C. rather than N.Y.C. It’s unheard of for me to defend D.C., but the positive outlook might be growing on me.

White House!

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