Au revoir, suburbia

Tonight is my final evening as a Falls Church resident. While I’m thrilled to relocate to an urban area tomorrow, there are plenty of things I’ll miss about my suburban neighborhood. Here goes:

3. Forced exercise. For the past year, I’ve walked .7 miles to and from the metro at least once a day for my commute. Last August, it was quite a hike in the humidity. When winter came, the journey became even more difficult, especially at 5:00 a.m. The air was so chilly, it froze my iPod headphones and zapped the device itself of power. In spite of all that, I got some exercise and had time to think before and after work. My new place is right by a metro station, so I’ll lose the reflection time, but hopefully the trade-off will be worth it.

2. Family neighbors. After a year of living on the floor above druglords in college, it was a relief to move next door to quiet families after school ended. I’ll miss the toddlers across the hall who scream “bye!” a minimum of ten times when they see me in the mail room.

1. The safety. Though I spent many weekends sprinting home from the metro at 3 a.m., I never felt at risk during my long walk back to the house. You can’t buy security, but I definitely had it. I can’t say I’m certain I’ll feel the same about my new place.

Bye 😦

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