Back to the bay

In less than two weeks, I’m going home to California for a short visit with family, friends, and of course my pup Roxy.

Roxy and me, April 2011

In July, my childhood buddy Nikita gave birth to a boy, so I can’t wait to meet young Brandon during my trip. For the past month and a half, I’ve had the urge to simply relax with a cup of Peets Coffee in northern California, take my dog on a walk along the beach, hang out with my nephews and brother, chat with Nikita, and get Mexican food with my mom and Glenn for dinner. Though I can’t wait to plan my Vegas vacation with Nikki later this year, right now I simply want to chill out at home during time off work. As I wrote over the weekend, the little things satisfy me most these days. I’m lucky TheDC granted me a vacation on such late notice, and I’ll earn it by working extra hard until I leave for California.

Last night, I met up with my friend Adam for bubble tea and crepes in Georgetown.


As I inhaled my Nutella crepe, Adam brought a new taboo question to my attention. Asking recent college grads about their job prospects is sort of like inquiring about a woman’s weight, Adam said.

“In this economy, it’s almost offensive to ask a new graduate what he or she has lined up,” Adam said.

I couldn’t agree more. Though I hit the jackpot with post-grad jobs, it took me forever to lock something down. I finished up at the University of Arizona in May 2010, traveled until August, interned for 2.5 months, and got an offer right before Christmas. From May to December, I felt pretty embarrassed about my unemployment status, but quickly saw that most new college grads were in my position. In fact, many folks from my graduating class are still without work or “underemployed.” Times are tough, so it can be rather annoying to have to explain all this to random people. In this day and age, college grads face much uncertainty, so the subject of employment should take a backseat for the next couple of years.

Tonight, I’m having an Arizona reunion dinner with some college friends, so hopefully that will hold me over on western culture until I return to the Golden State in two weeks. Mid-September, I breathlessly await your arrival!


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