‘Totally geek to totally chic’

At the beginning of today’s staff meeting, my trusty colleague Professor Matt Lewis shed some light on yesterday’s blog post.

“Your next blog entry should be titled, ‘Totally geek to totally chic,'” he said.

As well documented in yesterday’s post, I was a classic dork growing up. In fourth grade, I wore K-Mart hiking boots to school for picture day, refused to part with my J.C. Penney rainbow sweatshirt, made a habit out of wearing a white sports bra under party tops, purposely bought pants a size too large for my frame, and buried dozens of butterfly clips in my hair on a daily basis. I avoid this now, but wouldn’t say I’m exceptionally stylish.

Eighth grade!

Lewis might have a point though. Last month, a former intern said he couldn’t believe I come from a town of just 11,000 people.

“You seem so chic and city savvy,” Elliot said.

This gave me another big laugh. “You only say that because you’re from the Midwest!”

To be frank, I have to disagree with these gentlemen, at least in fall and winter. Most people can tell from my summer apparel that I’m happiest and friendliest in warm weather. With that, I put my effort into my appearance during the dog days of summer. Now that D.C. has been hit with rainstorm after rainstorm, I’m bundling up again.

Another colleague noted this earlier today.

“Laura, you’re back to wearing your big puffy jacket again,” she said, adding, “the same one you had on ALL LAST WINTER.”

London in January 2009, so cold!

She’s right, and I promised to try to avoid becoming jacket girl for the next eight months. I almost always prioritize comfort over style, and this is a grave problem that must be addressed if I want to move to New York City as planned. Perhaps I couldn’t survive in the Concrete Jungle, but that’s why I’m testing the waters of D.C. right now. When I make it up north, hopefully I’ll have the funds and balls to tough out the windchill in skirts and tank tops.

To fulfill my perfunctory Anne Hathaway movie comparison, I’ll have you know that I often feel like her character Andrea Sachs at the beginning of “The Devil Wears Prada.” In the comedy, Hathaway plays a frumpy aspiring journalist who gets hired to serve as ice queen fashion magazine editor, Miranda Priestly’s personal assistant. When Sachs first begins working for “the devil,” everyone makes fun of the young writer’s loose fitting, washed out clothes.


After taking on the victim role for weeks, Sachs takes charge of her wardrobe and begins dressing like her “Runway” colleagues:


To avoid going into hibernation, suffering major depression prompted by Seasonal Affective Disorder, and committing fashion suicide again, I’m going to consult my fashionista buddy Alison Coglianese, who runs an awesome fashion blog called Chain Strap Purse. She has agreed to provide me with outfit tips and suggestions for cold weather, so be sure to check out her blog if you’re interested in remaining trendy throughout each season. She’s your go-to girl for that, especially since she’ll grin and bear rainy weather in a dress for the sake of looking good. Really, though, this was obvious the other day when she stopped by the office in adorable gray Hunter rainboots (on my Christmas list, btw, hi mom!). She could make bank teaching “fashion how-to” courses.

I have some good news to share. Alexandra Robbins’s phenomenal book, “The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth” is going to be adapted into a TV series! Jennifer Garner is behind the project and I can’t wait to see the finished product. With each passing day, I’m happy to see that quirky folks thrive in the adult world. I’m going to try to find a way to incorporate this theme into my next slideshow, so please send your ideas and tips my way.


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