Getting asked to the dance

In my day, whiteboards and projections were classroom essentials.

Times have changed, as high school classes today have adopted the “smartboard,” which I’d never even heard of until my roommate Monique mentioned that it was used to woo her teenage sister to a dance.

The oldest of four girls, Monique takes a maternal approach to her siblings. This afternoon, we laughed about the fact that her 14-year-old sister Theresa was recently asked to a dance via smartboard.

Call me old fashioned, but I have a soft spot for those who make a production of asking others out (NOTE: I feel the opposite about marriage proposals. That should be done in private. I don’t want other people clapping and staring when/if someone asks me to marry him).

At the University of Arizona, the fraternities devised a creative plan each year to invite their favorite sorority to collaborate for Spring Fling. My friends at Kappa Alpha Order went through a lot of trouble to come up with clever ways to ask sororities to work with them for the week-long affair. In 2007, they serenaded “Sweet Caroline” from a bus the ladies of Delta Gamma, one of the most popular houses on Greek Row. The girls declined the offer, but small frat Kappa Alpha left a lasting impression nonetheless.

A young high school boy named John is well on his way to making grand romantic gestures. Last week, he asked Theresa to the upcoming school dance on a giant smartboard. Call the move showy or nerdy, but it’s courting of the 21st century, and he has good manners for a young teen. Besides, not everyone can mimic Heath Ledger’s adorable bleacher performance in “10 Things I Hate About You,” especially now that outdoor classes have become few and far between:

Heath Ledger's character tries to win the girl back by singing to her during her soccer match at school

Theresa accepted and must have been the talk of her school for days. That’s how it goes in high school: Depending on the circumstances, a single incident can stay fresh for nearly a whole week, but will most certainly blow over after the weekend passes.

Either way, Monique and I gabbed about this for a while, as neither of us were asked to dances in high school. Monique wasn’t interested in her classmates, and I went right ahead and asked whomever I wanted to dances, so we didn’t mope about it as some of our fellow schoolmates did. At the beginning of junior year, Lauren and I often attended dances as a dynamic duo and felt really cool when we sneaked in our male buddies from another high school. We refused to feel sorry for ourselves and simply had a good time.

Under the bright California sun

When prom rolled around a few months later, I anxiously waited for my boyfriend to pop the prom question. Three months prior to the event, several of my female classmates began purchasing elegant prom gowns, prompting me to worry that I needed to talk to my significant other about prom arrangements before “all decent dresses go off the market” (what a silly fear my friends attempted to instill in me).

When he still hadn’t said anything by early March, I told him that I would be driving to San Jose that weekend and wanted to dress shop during the visit. After he inquired about the occasion, I said I needed a prom dress. He agreed to take me to the dance and later admitted that he simply hadn’t given prom much thought because he’d skipped his junior prom the year before.

Senior year, I asked a friend from another school to prom and he said he’d be happy to join. Back then, a handful of girls in my grade applauded me for “having the courage” to ask a guy to the prom. It wasn’t worthy of a pat on the back, though. When it comes to a lot of things, I’m not nearly as aggressive as I should be, but I’ve never been scared of putting myself out there in the dating world. Obviously, it’s not working out for me so much right now, but there are many reasons for that. I bore easily, willfully work constantly, dislike when something is easy to obtain, and am slightly turned off by what’s good for me. In college, I frequently ranted and raved about the heartless young men of the university scene. That whole time, I was the fool for going after trouble. At least I’m aware of it now and understand why I do it. The mystery and adventures keep you interested in an otherwise monotonous post-graduate existence. Thankfully there are always happy hours and weekend trips to thrilling places.

If you haven’t kept up with the news this weekend, here are some riveting highlights:

Chris Christie may run for president after all. In other words, the GOP could actually win this thing.

George Will says GOP has become “too southern” in recent years. Tell me something I don’t know!

Wall Street protesters cuffed, pepper-sprayed at social inequality march. Oh, the irony.

Brit Hume says the Rick Perry campaign may be totally over. Speaking too soon?

Mark Zuckerberg explains the annoying Facebook changes. Do I even want to know?

Michigan school district gives each student an iPad. All I ever got in school was a rubber chicken!


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