Arizona dreamin’

You’d be astounded by the number of University of Arizona graduates in the D.C. area. Several of my close college buddies joined me on the opposite side of the country this year, and last night we ventured to our school’s official alumni event at the Rayburn building by the capitol.

Like many Arizona Wildcats, the attendees were boisterous, friendly, and excited to meet new people. I caught up with former Daily Wildcat news editor Cody, with whom I worked on the school paper for a few years, and College Republican member Mikey, a McCain staffer. Joey, who I’ve known since the beginning of freshman year, came as well. It was fun catching up with everyone, even though we were far from the warmth, intense sun, and cheerful spirit of southern Arizona. Not everything has to be different, though. Joey and I used to banter over drinks at outdoor Tucson bar Gentle Ben’s, and yesterday we clinked beer glasses on the balcony of an H-shaped government building, checking out the flickering, foreboding sky above.

Gentle Ben's

It’s funny how people change, move, and grow yet maintain the same rapport that they always had in the past. Some friendships wither away overtime, so I’m lucky to still relate to pals from an earlier, simpler period of life. Some things never change, and considering the uncertainty of youth, reliable friends are sources of comfort.

D.C. may experience snowstorms, be bursting with icy bureaucrats and pretentious wannabe politicos, but it’s not totally different than friendly, down-to-earth Tucson. Arizona monsoons usually trickle into September, so UA students know what it’s like to soak up the sun one moment and get rained on the next.

This happened to Cody, Joey, and me on our walk to the metro last night, when a downpour struck. We were completely drenched within a minute of being outside and jokingly asked why we ever moved to D.C. At least we face the storms together.

In sunnier news, I finally made professional use of my French minor yesterday when I translated an article from Le Monde for my own piece. Check it out!

Also, the creep who verbally abused Bristol Palin apologized. Too little, too late.

The sixth grader who famously approached Chris Christie about campaign tips just lost the student council election. When it comes to junior high politics, school popularity is everything.

“60 Minutes” resident curmudgeon Andy Rooney retires.

My childhood hero Stephen King is writing a sequel to “The Shining.” I looked up to him all throughout high school and read his books like a madwoman (but not the “Misery” kind), so I eagerly await this one.

Rihanna too sexy for Irish farmer…and me.

Coffee lowers depression risk for women…that explains why I’m always bouncing off the walls in excitement.


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