Brooklyn madness

Though I’m excited to live in Brooklyn for a few months, the past few days have not been selling points for that city. I recently read that NYPD officials are advising Brooklyn women against wearing skirts because of a serial sexual assault attacker in the area. Good to know the cops are working hard to capture the creep. In the coffee shop yesterday, an old Manhattanite lady warned me about the same rapist.

Last night, my buddy Hillary and I went to a birthday party until about 2:00 a.m., when we headed back to our respective apartments (and I successfully figured out the subway! Yay!). Just as I dozed off in bed, my cell phone started ringing. It was Hillary, who lives in Brooklyn.

“I just witnessed a robbery on the train, it was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” she said, describing the incident. Apparently the guy chased down the mugger and got his stuff back.

For obvious reasons, she needed someone to talk to on her stroll home. Thankfully she got back safely and didn’t have to deal with any thugs, but that was definitely another turn-off. Even so, Brooklyn is about all I can afford until Hillary, Emily, and I get a Manhattan apartment in January, so I’ll just have to carry pepper spray in my purse for a few months. It would be lovely to get a studio in Manhattan, but I’m done spending my entire paycheck on my residence. Monique and I are tired of doing that for our Ballston home, which is beautiful but obscenely overpriced.

On a lighter note, Hillary and I went to Atlas Cafe, a vegan restaurant, for dessert last night. I’m tempted to make another stop there before heading out to Brooklyn today, and here’s why:

On my last day at The Daily Caller, I told colleague Matt Lewis that my move was causing me a great deal of stress. He had some helpful words of wisdom for me: “The greatest way to guarantee a stress-free life is to do nothing. Don’t make any big changes or take risks.” That’s not the kind of life either of us wants to lead, so while it’s fairly unhealthy to worry so much, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides, things are beginning to normalize for me. Monique and I signed our lease termination, I canceled our electric and cable services, and have probably found a place to live in Brooklyn, so I’m slowly but surely knocking everything off my daunting to-do list.


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